The Great Camping Adventure

Story by Carleigh Once upon a time, there was a girl named Carleigh and a boy named Archie. They went on a camping holiday with their Mammy and Daddy and set up their tent in a big forest. After setting up the tent they went on an adventure through the forest with their Mammy andDisplay

Tweety the Bird

There once was a bird name Tweety.  She likes to tweet.  And she’s very sweet.  And she loves to sing.  She was the shortest baby bird.  But she was very kind.  She loved her parents like she loved herself. She likes listening to music, and she likes to sing it. It was Tweety’s first dayDisplay

Tia’s Unicorn

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Tia.  She loved unicorns. One night when she was sleeping she saw something glowing.  She went near it and saw that it was a real unicorn. “Oh my God!” she said.  She patted the unicorn on it’s back.  She named the unicorn Pinky pie! “Hello!  IDisplay

The Face of God

Joebya searched the sky, but all he saw was the full moon and a few stars. There was no hint of the glow from just a half hour ago. His father and brothers left him behind with his grandfather to care for this small flock of sheep. “Why couldn’t I go with them. “ HeDisplay


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lily. She loved cupcakes. So she decided to make cupcakes with her brother. His name was Rahul. Rahul and Lily began making their cupcakes. “What all ingredients do we need Rahul?” Lily asked. “We need coco powder, flour, water, oil, sugar, a pinch of salt, bakingDisplay

Geire, The Wolf Who Tried To Flee

“I venture north to find a better life.” Those were the last words that Alpha Zolon heard from his soldier. They had been through tough times, and soldier Geire had enough. Knowing the risk of being a lone male, he waited for the right time to abandon his clan. Most of the pack growled atDisplay

A Win for Winnie

Winnie is a cat. He LOVED playing fetch. The only problem was that he had neither an owner or a single friend. He had longed for one since he was a kitten. But no one wanted to play with him and he had no idea why! So he went to the playground to ask otherDisplay

A penguin, A black egg and an island

At dawn I heard a knock on the door, it was Salon. He told me that Princess Laytin has been captured by the dark wizard .He handed me a survival kit and a map. I will give you a warning, I cannot guarantee that when you take a pill it will give a certain result,Display

To the Princess

Some Years Ago, I was a young man and I was once the Dark Lords friend and my name is Tim. The Dark Lords name is, Darth Maul…………………. He was a great friend but then his heart turned dark and became The Dark Lord. Oh and if you don’t already know my name is TheDisplay

The Ultimate Quest

"Urrggh", Owen grunted, he was in the castle doing his homework, but then he heard something strange. He looked outside his broken glass window to see an unusual figure. He flew in the broken, glass window. The figure had a book, a sword and some sort of strange map. '‘Go away!'’ Owen yelled. "And who-whoDisplay

The Crossbow of the Wizard

My name is Corrin, the warrior/hero of my nation (who has a small fear of eggs!).  I was hanging out in my penthouse in the castle when Sizzly the Wizard burst in crying out “Ragnarok used the Dread Spell!  It will eventually reach us and cause all life to wilt!” “Dread Spell? Ragnarok? Wait, what!?”Display

The Duck and Buck

Once apon a time, a duck wanted to buy an apple. The fruit store sign said, “One apple for a dollar!”. He did not know much about dollars, so he went to his neighbor and asked, “How much is one dollar?”  The neighbor said, “One dollar is one buck.” The duck thought, “A buck wouldDisplay

Harry’s magic pirate ship

Harry’s magic pirate ship There was once a little boy called Harry whose dream was to have his very own pirate ship and sail around the seas; finding treasure that had been lost a long, long time ago. Harry always spent his weekends with his Grandma and Granddad; his Mummy would drop him off everyDisplay


  Joe liked hikes. And this one was going to be really cool. Ted, his best pal was here. Other friends included Martin, Greg and Josh. Mr. Maxwell was the group church leader. And his assistant Larry was also Joe’s big Brother. They all crawled into the Safari Wagon. Each kid tumbled around until theyDisplay

Wildfire |Chapter 4|

|Chapter 4| Wildfire was speeding towards her sister, leaping over a bucket of freshly cut flowers.  The sounds of mice protesting and grumbling loudly after she pushed them out of her way barely meant anything to the mouse.  She ran around a corner, and rushed towards the cloud elevator, which worked quite like a waterwheel,Display

The Fish and Chip Shop

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A Mess

Ever woken up thinking what a mess your house is? Find out how this messy home is transformed in our latest picture book. You can find more free books at 3+

Wildfire |Chapter 3|

|Chapter 3| Oh no. Oh no, no no! There’s only once chance. I need to find out where she is, that’s all I need. Even just a little clue. ‘Lavender!’ Wildfire screamed, her eyes widening in fear. No answer Did I really just lose her?    What will I do?          WhereDisplay

Wildfire |Chapter 2|

|Chapter 2| ‘Hold my paw,’ Fire told her sibling. ‘Okie dokie!’  Lavender said, slipping her paw into Wildfire’s.  ‘Stay beside me, and don’t let go of my paw, because the streets are always crowded on Mondays.’  Wildfire cast a worried look at her sister, who was now skipping al- ong with her, trying to keepDisplay

The Girl That Was an Angel #1

Once there was a girl called December, she and her family thought she was an ordinary kid but, she was actually an angel.  God had sent her down to earth because he thought it would be a good opportunity to let December know what humans are like.  Now let’s finally start the story! Chapter 1Display

Wildfire |Chapter 1|

| Prologue | “Ma’am, the Groundrels are coming.” Said a stiff, grey mouse in shiny silver armor. “Prepare.. The Troops.” Said a gentle voice. “But we never use them!” He wheezed. “I know, General Wislley, but just this once, we have to.” Wislley growled, mumbling to himself, “The Troops.. Who knows what’s next!” He doubtfullyDisplay

Jenny’s Surprise

This is Jenny.  Jenny lives in a pretty red house. This is Jenny’s baby sitter, Carol.  Jenny likes Carol. One sunny day Carol had a surprise for Jenny. “What is the surprise, Carol?” asked Jenny.  Guess,” answered Carol. “Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what it is,” Jenny thought.  “What is it?” Jenny asked.  “I’ll give you aDisplay

The Lady Bug

Once upon a time there lived a lady bug.  It was alone.  It had no one to play with.   One day it went out to walk and found a butter fly on the way. He thought that the butterfly could be his friend.  And then he asked the butterfly, “will you be my friend?”Display

The Wild West Chase

“Now what?” asked Ivy as she buried her head inside her rough, dirty hands. “This is impossible!”  The burning hot sun made beads of shiny sweat drop down her chin.   The dusty ground swirled around her feet.  “I cannot go under or around the cacti field…but I can go over it!”  “That, pardner, is one great idea,”Display

The Friendly Fox

Once upon a time, no, wait, on a land far away?… no … on a mountain? sure!  On a mountain far away, it was 5:00am and the animals started to wake up.  All the animals were happy because it was the Forest’s two hundredth birthday.  The animals were happily making yummy food like cookies andDisplay

The Dress

Nupur walked along the road with a sad look on her face. Tomorrow was her friend Neeta’s birthday and she did not have anything nice to wear to the party. Her father’s jute mill had closed down and there was hardly any money left at home to buy a new dress. Nupur decided to wearDisplay

The Brave Girls

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived in a kingdom ruled by Queen Milly. This kingdom was named as Monoly. She was living happily with her grandparents in Monoly. She loved her grandparents a lot. Her name was Sarah. She had a friend named Lucy. They loved to play together. TheyDisplay

The Bowerbird Blues

Our protagonists find themselves in a town full of grief and sorrow. The moment that they set foot in the town, a policeman confiscates all of their blue belongings. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, the shape-shifting member of their group, Skink, changes into a bowerbird and follows a fellow bowerbirdDisplay

Emma’s Crazy Day

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A beautifully illustrated picture book about our little feline friends. You can find more free books at 15+

Gigantic or super smart

Once upon a time there was a Giant who was so big that he could see across the highest mountain of the country. One day the Giant meets a girl that is very small. No, not as small as Tom Thumb in the fairy tale but she is not that much taller. “Hello, mister Giant,”Display

Paying a visit

On a sunny afternoon Trilili says: “I think I’ll go and see Tralala.” On the way to Tralala, Trilili meets Trololo. “Hello Trololo,” shouts Trilili. “Good afternoon, Trilili,” says Trololo. “Where do you go to?”, asks Trilili. “Me? I am going to see Tralala,” answers Trololo. “What a coincidence, I am on my way toDisplay

Why Max stopped barking

Max is the dog of Andy. Andy is eight years old. Together with his parents and sister Lilly they recently moved . His new school is just a stone’s throw away from his house. What does that mean: a stone’s throw? Well, if you pick up a stone you cannot throw it away that far.Display

The Christmas Gifts

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sally. She wanted a small gift from Santa this year. She wanted that her mother to be happy always. It was Christmas Eve. Santa was coming tonight. When she was sleeping she planned that this year she would see Santa for sure. When Santa will pickDisplay

Trig’s Smokin’ Wheels

A young boy’s physical limitations do not stop him from overcoming some bullies and winning their friendship. Trig’s Smokin’ Wheels There were a lot of things Trig Nelson could do, many he wanted to do, and more things he couldn’t do. Trig couldn’t run, he’d never climb stairs or hills or mountains. He couldn’t playDisplay

Captain Ren’s Trip to Mars

Ren loves space. But what does he bring back when he returns from a trip to Mars? You can find more free books at 23+

Daisy Pumpkin’s Elephant Shadow.

Due to a mix up by a very well respected but somewhat clumsy shadow seamstress, a little girl called Daisy Pumpkin woke up one morning with the shadow of a fully grown African Elephant. Daisy stood in front of a large white wall and watched in disbelief as the elephant’s shadow copied her every move.Display

Explorer Ella’s Magic Forest

Wonderful insects and mystical plans lead Explorer Ella to the best surprise ever! Discover what it is in this magical new story. You can find more free books at 56+

The Right Decision

It was a pleasant sort of a Sunday as John roamed the garden of his uncle’s house. His parents had shifted to Delhi after his father was transferred from the small town where they had lived for many years. “Your final examination is just a few months away.”John’s father had said. ‘We want you toDisplay

Tropical Adventure in the Magic Shed

One bright sunny day Molly went to Sophie’s house for a Sunday play date. “What are we going to play today?” Molly asked. ”How about football? It is the World Cup these days!” And with that they happily skipped to the back yard. They were having a lovely time until the ball hit the magicDisplay

The Troll Treasure

On a island far, far away there lived an angry troll. This troll had been stranded on this island for many of years when his famous troll pirate ship hit the reef near the island in search of gold. The troll was very angry because instead of gold all he found was lumps of coal.Display

The Bronco Named Thunder

Once upon a time there was a wild bronco who wanted a place to call home. This wild bronco was very polite and knew how to run fast. He would run through the plains as fast as he could racing many horses all different shapes and sizes. He would always win. This bronco notice thatDisplay

The Adventures of Sprinkles The Cat; The King

Imagine if you will, a kingdom built upon a far away shore. A kingdom where the streets were lined with precious gems that scattered the sunlight onto all of the houses within its borders. The waters crashing gently against the cliffside as though the two were dancing. The most beautiful place imaginable. The kingdom ofDisplay

Dr. Skinner and Hungry Pigeon

Dr. Skinner is a very nice and polite man, he has a very good friend, Bob. Bob is a gray pigeon with green eyes and red feet. One day, Bob and Dr. Skinner had a bad fight, Bob yelled at Dr. Skinner, “I don’t like you, I don’t want to play with you anymore”, andDisplay

Little Albert and White Fluffy Bunny

  Little Albert is a young boy. He has a friend, Robert. Robert is a white and fluffy bunny. His eyes red and beautiful like flame, his fur white and fluffy like snow, his hugging soft and warm like bed. Little Albert and Robert are very good friends, everyday they play together, they eat together,Display

Monster in the Jungle

Monster in the Jungle Once upon a time a wise lion lived in the jungle.  He was always respected for his intelligence and kindness.  All the animals used to go to him to discuss their problems.  He was the best king they could ever had. a few miles away from the jungle there was anDisplay

My Imaginary Unicorn

If I were a princess I would ride a unicorn. It would be called Glisten and she would be my best friend forever. We would go and explore tropical islands together every month. We would eat rainbow coloured ice cream with pink and violet sprinkles. The thing with unicorns is, they’re very precious and youDisplay

Good morning, fish

From the time I was little, I remember catching glimpses of my grandpa heading out into the forest early in the morning before the sun had risen, when most of the earth’s inhabitants were not even beginning to stir. He would carry a small pack, which I knew held a pencil and a notepad. SometimesDisplay

A Queer Friendship

Max dog and Lucy crow were the best of friends. But theirs was a strange friendship, since Max was deaf and Lucy was lame. Having damaged her left wing and leg, which had been crushed under the wheels of a car, Lucy could not fly. So, the whole day, she sat perched on Max’s back andDisplay

The Plot

Rex the tiger looked around him, the lion had just declared him king.  Even though it was a temporary post since the lion was not well and had been advised rest, by the forest doctor Ted the giraffe, Rex knew that the lion would never recover at all, since he had lost a lot ofDisplay

The jelly monster

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Alice . She went to the museum one day. But, the museum was closed because every day lots of the new guards were missing. Alice was secretly an agent of the famous detective:Mr John Clove. She wanted to find out what was happening every day. SheDisplay

Mini and Duke

Mini was a glossy hen. She lived in a house, near the woods, with her master, mistress and their young son, Raja. She was liked by all. As a very important member of the household, Mini was well cared for, petted and fussed over. As a result, she became very self- centered. One day, Raja’sDisplay

The day before Christmas

THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS Christmas was round the corner and Santa was very excited. He was looking forward to giving all the lovely presents to the kids. However, just a day before Christmas, Santa Claus fell very sick. He was a bit worried as well because it was a day before Christmas, and what wouldDisplay

The hamsters and the weasel

Chapter 1 One bright, sunny morning, a hamster named Molly was staring out of her small glass container in the frost wood pet store. A few days ago, she and her best friend, Holly, had been taken from their mothers and separated from their brothers and sisters. Sure they missed them, but they were stillDisplay

Snow Angels

  Abigail crept to the open bedroom door. Mommy was sitting on the bed, Daddy’s arm was around her shoulders and both their heads were bowed. Tears fell from their eyes. Abby could see the wet spots on Mommy’s blue dress and Daddy’s dress pants. Watching them made her want to cry, but she didn’tDisplay

Pride revisited

There was a little chick in a cage. While some people thought it was lonely, other birds knew it was proud. His master was worried about the cold nights closing in on the season as leaves were beginning to strip the green off the trees. The little chick felt proud in its cage because thereDisplay

Uncertain travels

There was once a gorgeous snake on one side of a lake that wanted to go to the other side of the lake. The snake always saw dolphins playing in the lake. This time, however, for the first time ever, it rattled to tell a dolphin to come over for goodness sake. The snake saidDisplay

Conner and the Clone Machine

“I think it’s ready.” For two years, Conner and his friend Jeremy were spending their spare time on their newest invention: The Clone Machine. Consisting of many well thought out components, they felt like the time and hard work would pay off. The Clone Machine would be used on many objects for the convenience ofDisplay

Ravi the Rickshaw – Monsoon

RAVI THE RICKSHAW – MONSOON A wise old man is slowly riding his rusty, old-fashioned bicycle into the village square. He has all his worldly goods tied up in bundles of white cloth, attached to the handlebars and even tucked behind the saddle. Babu travels from village to village and he has obviously been hereDisplay


THE GIRL WHO TRIED TO FLY Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily. She was four. She always tried to fly. She jumped off of a chair. Boom! Her mom Kate came running in. “Are you ok?” said her mom. “Yes” said Lily, but Lily did not give up. She jumped offDisplay

Unity is strength

The Sticks Once in a kingdom, there were two boys named Tom and Robert. They lived on a farm. Robert was the elder brother. They would always fight. When their father buys something for Tom, Robert would get angry and fight and vice versa. One day their father decided to have a competition. There wasDisplay

Turtle and Rabbit Story

One day a rabbit was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow. Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge. The fox was to be the umpire of theDisplay

Phoenix Adventure in the Magic Shed

Molly and Sophie were best friends. They were neighbours and loved exploring. You might remember them from their mermaid adventure. Molly went to Sophie’s house with the magic wooden shed. “It’s taking forever for the pancakes to get done cooking.” said Sophie swaying her dark brown hair. “Hey! We could go play in the inDisplay

Dina and Yoyo

Dina the elephant was returning home one day in the forest, when a fierce storm started raging.  It was almost evening. Dina hurried, suddenly passing by a tree she heard a loud cawing.  She stopped. Looking at the tree Dina saw a nest.  A young crow was crying for its mother. The branch on whichDisplay

A Face in the Clouds

A fishing trip will be good for you,” mom said. “You never go anywhere anymore. This is your chance to get out in the woods. Now scoot. ” James didn’t know his neighbor that well, even if he did deliver his early morning paper. He couldn’t even spell the guy’s name, let alone pronounce it.Display

Oh, Oh

  My dog, Prince was my best friend when I was eight years old. And he was always hungry. “Let’s go for a picnic,” mom said one day. “We’ll make sandwiches when we get there.” So our family drove twenty miles to Moose Bay Beach in northern Quebec. Soon after arriving I said, “Let’s eat.”Display

Dinosaurs In My Bed

  Andrew lay shivering in his bed. The sky was alive with booming sounds and brilliant flashes just outside his window.   Fifteen minutes ago he asked, “Mom, will the storm last long?”   “Please, don’t worry,“ she said. “The weatherman promised it would pass over Truro quickly. Now get some sleep.”   Except itDisplay

The Friendship Club

“Let’s bash him! Let’s bruise him! Or even ‘SCHNOOZE’ him,” three bullies yelled. “What does ‘SCHNOOZE’ mean?” one of them asked. “I don’t know. Let’s do it anyway,” another boy said. A voice roared like a lion, “STOP!” Danny noticed the bullies looked startled by the brave girl. Next thing he knew, they ran away.Display

Mermaid Adventure in the Magic Shed

Once upon a time there were two girls and they were best friends so it was lucky that they were neighbors. They were both 7 years old and loved adventures. Their names were Molly and Sophie. Molly wore a bow, a ballerina skirt and a white shirt. Sophie wore a flower in her hair, twoDisplay

Zosimos’ Fate

Zosimos’ Fate Dark, thunderous clouds loomed over the mighty Diamond Palace. A large group of royal cats waited in front of the opulent structure. Each was dressed in matching royal coats of arms, and branded on their rear with the royal seal ‘BVR.’ Some felines sat quietly – some were grooming, others hissed at theirDisplay

The Tale of Two Sisters

The Tale of Two Sisters In a faraway kingdom there lived 2 girls, Rosie and Daisy. Daisy was the elder sister and Rosie the younger. They lived in a castle. They were princesses. Daisy was really mean and selfish. She loved to hurt everyone including her sister, but Daisy was really kind to her fatherDisplay

Emily and Lavendar

EMILY AND LAVENDER In a small town in Wales, there lived a girl.  Her name was Emily and she was 8 years old.  She lived in a small house with her parents.  She was a very nice little girl, whose eyes shone always with a sparkle.  She had a small round nose and tiny redDisplay

Piggy World

My name is Ray, the youngest of all the pigs. Then there is Momma Pig, Lisa, Daddy Pig, Earl, and sister Pig Sue. Sister Pig always thinks she’s better than all of the other pigs and she always wants her way. Arnold is the farmer who takes care of the pigs every day giving themDisplay

The Fairy Pool

Hannah woke again from yet another bad dream.  She sat up in her bed crying until her grandmother came in to hold her close. “I am here, it will be alright.  The fairies will keep you safe.” “What fairies Grandma” Hannah asked. “The ones that live in the pool in the woods.  They have beenDisplay

Oh, Those Eyes!

I knew that feeling comfortable in my childhood home was but a moment of fiction, because the house was anything but comfortable. Unless I was preoccupied, I could feel the presence of an unidentified entity. I was uneasy being alone in the house I had grown up in because even when I was alone, IDisplay

The Growing Tree

The Growing Tree Elise is a little girl. She is 6 years old and loves nature. In her yard is a big tree. One day, she decided to climb the tree. Elise went outside and looked up at the big tree as it loomed above her. She was excited. It was so early in theDisplay

Cutest Wonder of the God

Cutest Wonder of God Long back there lived a family of four with two kids named Jack and Prince. They lived in a small hilly town since their childhood, so a town with flat land was beyond their Imagination. Jack was 8 Years old and Prince was 2 years older than Jack. Their house wasDisplay

Knight and Dae

Dae was the sun and Knight was a curious man. Knight noticed Dae shining as brilliantly as diamonds on fire in the sky.  He was in awe of her warm glow and adored her from Earth.  She was so bright that it hurt his eyes to look upon her directly.  Dae loved Knight as well, sheDisplay


There was a young man once that was a very hard worker. He believed that this was the way to success. He worked for a rich man that told him he could climb up the corporate ladder if he would work harder. So the young man began to work harder than ever before. He didn'tDisplay

A Grand Journey

    “Why must we be so careful, great-papo?” Mungo-tut always asked questions.  Sometimes he listened to advice. Right now great-papo had a serious look on his face.  “You are still young and this journey is to teach you. ” “Flying between the sloppy-flops is very important,” great-papo said.  “You don’t want them to splashDisplay


Lily stood weeping near the forest, it was past midnight and pitch dark. She felt terribly scared. Her mistress brought her in a car and dropped her near the forest and left. It was her punishment for burning a hole in her mistress’s dress accidentally while ironing. Lily shivered.  It was winter and she wasDisplay

A Christmas Story

“I am sad today,” said Caw-Caw, a young crow. “Christmas is almost here and I have no gifts to give. Besides, who wants a noisy crow around? All I’m good for is making strange noises.” “That’s not true,” answered Bushy-Red, his squirrel friend. “Get away pest, is what I hear when I’m around other birds,Display

A Wish For Christmas

Earlier this evening, Christmas music wrapped around Matthew like a magic blanket. Children and adults of all shapes and sizes hurried and shouted throughout the mall. It was exciting to see Christmas trees dressed in all colors, hockey equipment and trains. Video games and toy soldiers scattered like snowflakes across display tables. “Stop crying, IDisplay

Ant and Chrysalis

The Ant and the Chrysalis One day Ant was walking in a forest and came across a Chrysalis. “Oh Chrysalis, I feel so bad for you. I can run, jump, and climb while you just sit there. Hanging on that branch,” said Ant boastfully. But inside the Chrysalis was someone special, Someone that Ant couldn’tDisplay


PEGASUS Pegasus was a very special horse. You see, Pegasus had wings and could fly. But that wasn’t the reason that Pegasus considered himself a special horse. He thought he was special because he was the special horse that Princess Jude loved to ride. You see, every morning, Princess Jude would wake up when theDisplay

Biana and the baby squirrel

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Biana.  She used to lived in her beautiful house with a beautiful garden in front. Many butterflies,  dragonflies, ants, bees, beetles visited her garden. Biana’s garden was very beautiful and attractive with many flowers and fruits. Animals,  birds,  and worms, too, had made it their permanentDisplay

Just a Race

Once upon a time there were 2 twin brothers who were not alike at all. Their names where Tim, and Tom. The twin brothers lived right across a candy shop. Tom always chooses the spicy candy to eat, on the other hand Tim always chooses the sweet candy to eat. One day as they wereDisplay

The Secret Club

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ria. She had a dog-called Johnny. One night Ria saw her dog was wearing a suit and walking on 2 feet. Ria was very shocked. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She went to her dog and said, “Oh my God! Is this really happening? Johnny!Display

Ginger and the six cats

Ginger and the six cats It was a lovely day in the meadow and all of ginger’s six brothers and sisters were playing in the meadow’s freshly grown grass. All of her brothers and sisters were grey, but ginger was a gold colour with orange stripes. Gingers brother’s and sister’s names were; Gray, Tom, Linx,Display


I ate a spicy ginger from my brother on a dare. the ginger caught my head on fire and burned off all my hair . My mouth disgorged lava and my tongue began to melt my ears were shooting jets of steam atleast that's how they felt . I spring back around the room iDisplay


Not the tree, but the fruits on the tree; Not the food, but the ingredients in the food; Not the pen, but the ink in the pen; . Not the song, but the tone of the song; . Not the birds, but the flock of the birds . Not a poet but the thought ofDisplay


One misty morning in the sky bean land something didn't feel right all of the land's colours seemed faded bounce travelled on, wondering where the singing birds had gone . Suddenly, the lights and colours nearby started to flicker there was a weird machine, slowly sucking in the colours of summer as bounce approached it,Display


A painting competition was being organized at Sun Flower school in Green Forest, on Sunday. Timmy rabbit smiled smugly to himself. “I will surely win the contest and get the prize money of Rs.3000/”. He thought to himself. Timmy was a very lazy rabbit and he hated going to school. Most of the days heDisplay

Ug the Thug

About five thousand, two hundred and forty-six years ago there lived a caveman called Ug the Thug. He lived at the top of a lonely valley, but then everywhere was lonely back then. He had a big club and furry boots and he liked running after things and frightening them best of all. Ug theDisplay


James was from a royal family. He was the son of King Jordan. One day, King Jordan decided to make one of his sons his heir. Julian, Johnathan, and James were excited and nervous. Their challenge was to battle against the cruel ruler of London. They had to fight together and the one who toDisplay

Bill and the Boom Box Rocket

Bill and the Boom Box Rocket Once upon a time there lived a boy named Bill, who always dreamed of flying to the moon. One summer evening when Bill was trying to go to sleep, he was bothered by his big brother Ron. Ron was playing his new boom box too loud. The only wayDisplay

A Seaside Adventure (Ears Mouse)

“Ears Mouse” “Book 3” “A Seaside Adventure” It was a beautiful sunny day and Ears Mouse was eating a lovely thick slice of homemade toast, with his very favourite homemade Damson jam. He had made the Damson jam himself from fruits that had fallen the previous autumn and it had turned out very nice. HeDisplay

A Rainbow Rider’s Fall to Yorn

A Rainbow Rider’s Fall to Yorn Raina is a rainbow rider. She lives in the sky and, whenever sunshine and rain come together, she rides their rainbow down to earth. Raina’s journey may be only a moment or last many minutes, but it is always magical. She glides through the air on top of theDisplay

Snidely the Bridge Troll

Once upon a time there was a troll that lived up under The Creek Bridge down at Low Hollow creek. He was a short ugly fellow, but very strong. His hair was straight, red, and stuck out like a mop. His skin was really wrinkly and felt like sandpaper. His clothes were always smelly. HisDisplay

Night Dream

NIGHT DREAM “If you’re that worn out, then go to bed,” mom said. And I did, even if darkness didn’t come creeping yet outside my window. My arms were so weak I couldn’t get my socks off. They kept sticking to my feet. So I crawled under the covers. When I’m very tired, I dream…Display

Lily Rose and The Magic of Helping

Lily Rose was a (mostly) cheerful sort of girl, she hardly let life get her down. She was quite tall for a girl her age, with the bluest eyes you had ever seen, blonde hair and just a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. When she smiled, her whole face smiled and everyone said sheDisplay

Lottie and the Fabulous Whale.

It was a fine sunny day. Lottie and her dog Max were in their beach hut. As they sat Lottie’s mind wandered and she looked out to sea. There, in the distance, she saw the large bulky of a huge whale. All of a sudden it blew a fountain from it blow hole. To herDisplay


Once upon a time down in the bog there lived a little frog who was different from all the others. This little frog had three hind legs, and his name was Tri-Boy. All the other little frogs had two hind legs. Tri-Boy was kidded unmercifully because he was different. The other little frogs at timesDisplay

The Lonely Mouse

If you thought this story was about a little furry creature with whiskers, a long tail and an appetite for cheese, you’d be wrong. This story is about a mouse that lived on a computer desk at Brinkley and Co. in the big city. After six o’clock, when everyone had left the office for theDisplay

Merlin the Monkey

Merlin the Monkey One day, a group of four friends decided to pay a visit to the local carnival, which had stopped in the village for the weekend. It only came once a year, and the group of friends were ever so keen to explore the wonder of the carnival. The sounds and the sightsDisplay

A pet bee

Once, a flower in the Loch Ness had petals taken by the wind, with colors bearing messages, parading far into the sea. Petals made friends with tides, and taught them to go onward, from land to land on hillsides, from lake to lake downstream. Those petals came resting closer, on marsh they knew soft breeze,Display

The Princess who could not dance

Princess Leonora was beautiful, kind and popular. One month before her sixteenth birthday the King and Queen decided to prepare a great banquet to celebrate Leonora’s birthday. There would be singing and dancing. The best dressmaker in the kingdom would be called upon to make the finest dress for Leonora and the finest shoemaker toDisplay

Sam the Mouse

In a faraway land named Bookville there was a library, but it was not a normal library it was a floating library! Many people came to the library on boats and cars. Hundreds of people filled the library everyday. At night a little mouse named Sam came out and took papers from the librarians desk,Display


I like to visit my neighbor. She lives in our apartment building. Upstairs. The third floor is hard to climb sometimes. But I don’t mind. My name is Benjamin. I’m six. Mrs. Graham is nice. She walks all bent over. Dad says it’s because Mrs. Graham is old. But I say it’s because she pointsDisplay


“ARRROOOUF! “ Ace, a proud black dog, sat on his favorite corner of Main Street and Robin Road. His thick-as-a-rope tail THUMP-THUMPED on the sidewalk. Cars, trucks and bicycles crossed in front of him in a blur of rolling wheels. Close by, an unseen sticky glob of gum waited for something to happen. Ace’s tailDisplay


Julie hen had gone to her cousin Mira’s house which was situated at the end of the forest. Before going she had asked her friend Diana duck to look after her baby Gigi. It was afternoon Diana was dozing, when little Gigi slipped out from under the duck’s wings into the sunshine and started chasingDisplay

Nature’s Serenity

On reaching the Panthera International Airport, Muzful Islam was struck by a huge wave of surprise as he noticed the environment. Light blue coloured ponds, huge oak trees and dew drops that shimmered like golden spangled jelabis in the weak January sun. 'As I stepped out on the soft moss, a driver assisted me toDisplay


Prolog Once upon a time there lived an elegant queen named Quinn and her fun loving daughter Cora. The two were not on the best of terms until they made a switch. Chapter 1 One day, little Cora was with her mother Quinn going over her royal duties “mother can’t we take a break, let’sDisplay

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Little Frenk was moving continuously over an unending sheet of snow. He had been walking for quite some time now and his feet were tired as well. He was surrounded by a white spread of snow which was gleaming and shining. Frenk had set out for a mission in search of a snow cladDisplay

The Warrior

Once upon a time there was a warrior. Well he was brave and stong and all but not as well known as he would have hoped. So one day he was walking down a path and met a black smith. He was talking to him about his talents and his woes. The black Smith informedDisplay

Wake up on time in time

Son, this story I am about to tell you is of a young boy who didn't listen to his parents near bedtime. “Mum, what are we going to have for breakfast?” Asked the little boy. “We are going to have lunch for breakfast,” answered his mum. Then a little while later the young boy asked:Display


Once upon a time there was a forest fire in a big, big forest. All the little animals that lived there ran as fast as they could to get away from the hot flames. Squirrels, raccoons, foxes, snakes, turtles, rabbits, mice and many other animals had to find new homes. Some of them went toDisplay

Daddy’s Little Girl

Once apon a time, there was a little girl with gorgeous long wavy blond hair and big blue eyes, one night she stood up from her bed and walked down the hallway into her parents room. She went to the side where her dad slept, shook him and when his dad opened his eyes andDisplay




One night I was busy doing an online project. My wife was checking her Facebook page. Suddenly, our 4-year-old daughter Gayle said, “Mommy, we forgot to pray.” I immediately got up, left my laptop on the bed, and joined Gayle and my son, Justin. As we held our hands together for prayer, Justin called forDisplay

My Family – The Loved Family

Once upon a time, there was a nice, loving family. There were two girls and one boy and their momma. They loved everything about eachother. And they were always doing nice things for eachother. The family lived happy together. They always all wanted to go together to the same places. The family went to theirDisplay

The Lost Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy named James. He always got pushed around. One day, a wizard appeared in front of the boy. The wizard gave James three wishes. One of James wishes was that tge wizard could make James go away. The next day James tried to make a wish, but heDisplay

Little Bella

Little Bella was a Terrier Mix. She belonged to a very loving family. Emily, AJ, and Adelisse were her owners. (Of course Mommy and their step-dad Nelson were her owners too). They each loved Bella very, very much. Playtime at the park, and nice long walks were a regular for Bella. She even had aDisplay

The Soup Princess

Long, long ago, in a kingdom far away, lived the beautiful Princess Effy who lived with her widowed father the king in a palace on top of a hill. Effy was just as a princess should be, beautiful, clever, polite, a little smaller than most girls her age and maybe just a little stubborn (ifDisplay

The Lonely Old Man

There was once an old man named Franz. Franz lived alone in the smallest house in the way back of his neighborhood. Franz was a grumpy old man due to the recent death of his wife. He was bitter and rude to the neighbors and made everyone he came into contact with him very upset.Display

Jungle Public School (JPS)

There was a huge jungle (forest) with the name "keeka" Many animals lived there.The king of the jungle was a big Lion.Whenever he roared,"keeka" vibrated.But all animals loved him.He was very wise and brave One day his minister Tiger came to Kings castle and asked him to built a school for Jungle animals. The LionDisplay

Pig , Goat and Sheep

Once upon a time there was a Pig named Laali and the Goat named as Lilly. They had a desire to look around the hills and feel the fresh air. So they both decided to go to the hills, when their Master let them free on Sunday's. They were waiting for sunday very eagerly. ThatDisplay

Brent’s favourite milkshake

One day, Brent was very thirsty. He wanted a milkshake. He asked his mum to take him to the cpgrocery story to get the ingredients for his milkshake. "What flavour milkshake do you want, Brent?" Asked his mum. "I want a blueberry milkshake, please, mum!" Replied Brent. Brent's mum pulled out a list. On thatDisplay

An Owl Scared of Lightening And Thunder

Once upon a time, there was an owl who was very friendly and lived in a large home.  Everyone loved to sleep over on Friday nights. Although she was a little naughty, she always listened to her Mom. She asked lots of questions and shared her hopes and fears. Her mom tried to teach herDisplay

A visit from St. Nicholas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung from the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads;Display


Travis’ room looked like a zoo. Each Christmas he received stuffed toys in all shapes, colours and sizes. Bunnies, deer, bears, owls, and squirrels stared with eyes like stars. He often lined them up as bowling pins. Mom and dad then joined him playing ‘toy-ball.’ Instead of throwing snowballs, they chased each other using stuffedDisplay

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, For Chistmas this year I want lots of cheer And a stuffed bear That won’t wear or tear I want my stocking filled with treats And an iPod that will play very good beats A wonderful train And a pretty umbrella For the watery rain If one present is not here Just oneDisplay

The Three Kings

Three Kings came riding from far away, Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar; Three Wise Men out of the East were they, And they travelled by night and they slept by day, For their guide was a beautiful, wonderful star. The star was so beautiful, large, and clear, That all the other stars of the skyDisplay


The death of a spouse leaves her lonely which canbe fatal hence the spouse is no more and physically absence to avoid the death and loneliness she look for a new love but that isn't always easy the widow's love remains and even grow her adoration for her first partner never truly goes away sheDisplay

Just an Ordinary Boy

Just an Ordinary Boy “Getting bullied again, are we?” asked Mr Thompson unsympathetically. “Yes I am,” replied Ben in a low and nervous voice. “Well, we will deal with this next week; keep on writing in your feelings diary.” Ben skulked out of the unpredictable Headmaster’s office, whilst fiddling with the wrecked sleeves of hisDisplay


“Ready Adrian? Or you might exchange your meagre blade for a revolver?” “No, thanks Hector. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. You might never know which time a blade is handy.” “Well, then. Get a whiff of fresh air before covering your face with a cloth.” Left to my own resources,Display

A Tom Girl

Mr. Geary Smith 119 Kollman Mexia, Texas 76667 (254) 562-2720 E-mail: A “Tom Girl” “Somer, it time to go to Big Momma’s house!” shouted her baby brother. “Come on, it is time to go!” Every summer for two week, Somer and her baby brother would go to their grandmother’s house in the country. SomerDisplay

monsters all around

Monsters All Around – By Ananya Prasanna Honk! Honk! The monster’s bellow could be heard everywhere! I walked on the sidewalk, trying to overlook the deafening yells. There were these gigantic monsters everywhere. Their evil eyes seemed to engulf the darkness around. Their mouths seemed to have an eternal smile ready to gobble up anyoneDisplay


It was Bunny rabbit’s birthday but since she was new to the Evergreen forest she had no one to celebrate her birthday with as she did not have any friends. Bunny had migrated from Black forest to the Evergreen forest after she had lost her parents and siblings in a landslide. Her life had beenDisplay

When Will I See You Again?

When Will I See You Again? Daniel, when will I see you again? After you were gone, Mommy and Daddy told me that I could see you every day if I just looked. So I looked. I looked in the trees, I looked in the flowers, I looked in the clouds, I looked in ourDisplay


Dina eagle was a deadly hunter she could stay aloft for hours searching for her prey and had incredible keen eyes. Squirrels were her most favourite prey though she liked rabbits and rats too. Animals were scared to come out of their homes even for food. They racked their brains in search of an ideaDisplay


The trees were full of ripe bananas Ted the monkey smacked his lips in glee. The owner of the house and garden was Mary the deer, she had a dog called Bruno whom she had kept to scare monkeys away but Bruno had become old and did not have the strength to run after Ted.Display

The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep. 1

The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep.1 There once was a rock named Rupert the Rock, he was born in Kannus, Finland. His mommy and daddy were financially troubled because the mining business didn't pay very well. Rupert the Rock was getting older and his parents were having trouble supporting him, also whileDisplay

When Shadows Come

WHEN SHADOWS COME “Creepy here,” Melanie said, looking around grandma and grandpa’s farm in the country. “It’s cool,” Adam added cheerfully. His sister’s scowl made him change his mind. “I mean, I’d rather be home with my friends,” he stammered. Five-year old Colin shrugged his right shoulder. As mom and dad drove away, his wagglingDisplay

Lottie and the Confused Little Bear

Lottie was lonely. Lottie needed someone to hang out with. So she talked to her Dad and he said they could get a dog. He knew that a local kennel had some to spare so that's where they went, up the hill to Boondocks Farm. Boondocks Farm was a lovely little place. It had onceDisplay


My baby brother’s first day was so much fun. I went to the hospital to see him and his eyes opened and saw the new world he was in. It was a great feeling to hold him in my hands. Inside the hospital I got snacks and water from a vending machine. And then weDisplay


A rock had blocked Jenny bear’s cave, Albert elephant on his way to visit a sick aunt living at the end of the jungle heard little John Jenny’s cub crying. Albert was a kind hearted elephant he put down the basket of bananas he was carrying for his aunt and started to lift the rockDisplay

The Stubborn Turnip

Once upon a time, there lived an old lady and an old man and they planted peas, green beans, and one enormous turnip. One day, the old man had an idea. The old man went to fetch three black cats, two dogs, a farmer, five pigs, sixteen hens, a thousand chicks, and one hundred andDisplay

Buddy and Diamond

Buddy and Diamond are my pet gerbils. One day Buddy got Diamond to stand on her shoulders and open the cage. They climbed out. They went to my room and got in the toy jeep and they drove out of my room. They drove down the stairs. They drove out the dog door and droveDisplay

The Sock and the Little Boy

Once upon a time there was a little sock. He was going to the lake to go fishing. Just then, a little boy passed by. The little boy held his nose because he thought that the sock smelled. Just then he had an idea. Since the garbage was right next to him, he decided toDisplay

If I Had a Sister

If I had a sister, we would play dolls, dance, have fun, play, and make a snowman in the soft snow. On Easter, I would let her find the most eggs, and I would help her pick apples from a tall tree that I can reach. At Christmas time, I would share my toys withDisplay

You’re the best, James

It’s all white. I sat inside and looked out the window. The only colors that broke the white line were James and the other kids from school. They were up on the hill in front of the school and just 40 feet away. The hill was the highest in town. Every kid went there onDisplay

The Bakery

Early Sunday morning at 7 am, the chef baker and confectioner, Monica, walked to her bakery, “Sweet Tooth.” She walked right through the park and then around the corner. She knew the way like the back of her hand because she had inherited the bakery from her dad. As a child, Monica always came toDisplay

The Beautiful Little Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly with purple and yellow wings. Sadly, the butterfly was being held in a cage as a pet of a little girl. The butterfly loved the little girl but wished she had a butterfly family of her own. Then one day, the butterfly flew out of herDisplay

Lost Treasure of the Island

John and his brother Steve were on a boat off the coast of Western Australia. They were about to go deep-sea diving. Their hearts beat faster as they dived into the indigo ocean. Their mouths nearly fell open at the mesmerizing sight below. Dozens of fish swam everywhere. Queer plants were situated on equally peculiar rocks. The two boysDisplay

The Legend

There once was a child who lived with her grandfather. Her grandfather always told her stories at night. When the little child grew up she always love reading, she nearly read all the books that her grandfather had but her grandfather said “look my dear this is a book that I’ve been saving for thisDisplay

Toys Make False Friends

One day in Greenville, a dog named Rusty just got some new toys. Then he heard something and saw a big moving truck pull into the driveway next door and the license plate said Snobby State of Arizona. Everyone in Snobbyville was selfish and jealous of each other. While Rusty was relaxing in the yardDisplay

The Boy and his Grades


My Trip to the Beach

A long time ago, I went to the beach. Before we left, we loaded all our beach gear into the car. Continuing down the road my sister and two brothers and I sang songs to keep from falling into the depths of boredom. Deciding where to stop for dinner was a real challenge. Everyone wantedDisplay

Smart Dog and Mr. Gooberman

Once upon a time, there was a really weird man. His name was Mr. Gooberman. He had a dog. His dog was very smart. One day they went for a walk. They played on the playground for one hour. They had a lot of fun. Then it rained so they had to leave. They wentDisplay

Nick the Mule Deer

Once upon a time there was a young little mule deer lost in the woods. He was a small deer, with large, mule like ears. His name was “Nick.” Nick spent many days wandering through the woods in search of his family. Along his travels, Nick ran into many other animals. One of the animalsDisplay

How the Dolphin Got its Squeak

Once upon a time there was a dolphin named Chloe. Chloe is beige, black, and white. Chloe had a sister named Maddy and another sister named Victoria, and of course, a mom and dad. One day, I think it was a Saturday, Chloe was watching water-wars and eating Bay’s chips and when she talked wellDisplay

The Witch’s Messangers

The wind blew in Maria’s hair. It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. ‘Thalia!’ she cried before stumbling on a pebble. ‘Thalia!’ Maria was looking for her long lost daughter and a fortune teller had told her to seek Bloodhurst Cave. Years of searching hadDisplay

Silver Dog

Once upon a time, there was a girl and her name was Kayla. One day when she was walking, she found a dog. It was silver. She took it home with her. When her Mom saw it she said, “Kayla where did you get that dog!?” “I got it at the pet shop,” she fibbed.Display

The Fairy Castle

There once lived two children named Kate and Harry. They had a marvelous garden and they loved to play in it. One sunny, Spring day, Kate’s blue hair ribbon came out of her hair while she was playing in the garden with Harry. The breeze blew it down a little path. Kate chased after it,Display

The Book

Kate skimmed through, with her fingers, all the books in the library. She was in a hurry because she had to have this done before class started again. “I’ve looked at every one of the books in the library.” I said out loud. “Shhh.” The librarian took her index finger up to her lips. “Sorry,”Display

My Vacation to California (from India)

Last year, my Mom and I joined my Dad in California during the summer vacation. We started from Delhi, India late night and flew to Los Angeles. My Dad came to pick us up and we drove to Orange County where we had an apartment. The drive was fast with wide roads and big cars.Display

A Forgiving Friend

There once was a very nice boy named Tim. Tim had nice hair. Tim had a friend named Maura who also had nice hair. Maura wasn’t very nice to Tim. One day the two friends went to get a haircut together. Tim’s haircut was great and he loved it, but Maura didn’t like hers atDisplay

The Secret Diary

John woke up to realize that his summer vacation had begun. He got off his bed and went for breakfast. He was wondering how to spend his holidays when his mother reminded him to finish his breakfast fast!! Soon the doorbell rang and yes!! His friends were there. They all proceeded towards the playground toDisplay

The Tale of Super Dutch

It was a rainy morning and Dutch the dog had nothing to do. “Oh I wish it wasn’t raining outside I would really like to play with my friends!” said Dutch. Dutch went into the kitchen to see what her owner was up to. “Why hello Duchess what have you been up to?” asked herDisplay


It’s was a sunny day. The green and yellow fields were so beautiful in the sun. I looked out at the window. ” Marley!” I shouted. Marley was my dog and my only friend. When I called him he came as fast as he could. I hated school, but I had to go. I saidDisplay

Jack The Horse

Jack is a horse, he lives in the forests. He gets scared very easily because sometimes he would be chased by a lion, and sometimes he would be hunted by hunters. One day, Jack ran into a farmer. The farmer led Jack to the barn, fed him and took good care of him. Jack neverDisplay


Once upon a time there was a little fly named Tweensy. One day Tweensy wanted to go shopping . He went to the grocery market to buy a watermelon, but when he took the watermelon home, he opened it and it was purple. “How did the watermelon turn purple?” thought Tweensy. So he went toDisplay

Zora — the Man of Steel

It was a peaceful day in the wonderful village of Harlem. Mothers were in the markets. Children were playing hide and seek outside their houses. Gardeners were watering their plants with care. Serenity prevailed everywhere. Suddenly, the silence was broken by loud bleating sounds of the sheep. The gardeners dropped their tools and went toDisplay

Milkshake, the Magical Pony

One Friday night, Amy and Izzy arrived with a new pony – Milkshake. Milkshake was a black and white spotted pony with a gorgeous black mane and an amazingly silky, white tail. He was going to share a paddock with Gwilly, the ‘Daddy’ of the place; and Rudy, a rather charming pony. After checking thatDisplay

Stink Bomb Skunk

Once upon a smelly time, there was a skunk that HATED smells!!!!! His name was Kevin. Kevin was often sad; he was made fun of all the time by the high school humans. The other reason why he was sad is because he had no one to care for him: no friends, no family, nothing. Courageously, Kevin tip-toedDisplay

Henna and Her Wiggly Tooth

Henna, the baby hippo wasn’t very happy. In fact, it had been two days since she had smiled at all! It all began a couple of days back when she was brushing her teeth as usual in the morning and she felt a strange feeling in her mouth. She continued brushing. Brush, brush, brush…There, sheDisplay


Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Sabrina, who had a terrible illness, cancer. Despite this, she remained in good spirits especially since she lived with Madam Hicks, a lovely woman who took Sabrina in as a baby, saving her from abandonment. But, she was very unkind towards Sabrina. AsDisplay


In a splendid castle on the ocean shore there lived a King. The poor man had lost his Queen in childbirth, just as she had given life to their first-born daughter, Princess Selena. Following that miserable day, the King would not let his little daughter, Selena, out of his sight, for he knew he wouldDisplay

The Legend of the Black Sea

  There once lived an old man on the shore of a beautiful sea. All day he wove nets and caught fish. There were so many that the old fisherman shared them with his animals. He had a nice dog and an evil black cat. The dog was called Boley and the cat was calledDisplay

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Many, many years ago, in a kingdom far, far away there lived a beautiful princess. She had long red hair and loved roses so much that everyone called her Princess Rose. Every evening after dusk, Princess Rose went out on the balcony and clapped her hands. A golden bird came flying out of nowhere andDisplay

Land of Lies

CHAPTER ONE: NEW KID IN TOWN “What does your mother do for a living Clara?” asked Mrs. Trussworthy. All eyes in the room were squarely aimed at Clara Gorman. She felt their gaze heating up her cheeks until they were ready to burst into flames. “She works at the hospital. She’s a brain surgeon,” ClaraDisplay

Annie and the Rabbit’s Foot

Annie and the Rabbit’s Foot A sharp rap on the door brought Annie to her senses and she went to see who was there. ‘Hello Annie, where’s your Mum?’ said Mick the milkman, smiling. ‘She’s gone shopping,’ Annie said, as she carefully took the pint of milk and laid it down on the kitchen table,Display

The Changing World of the Forest Goddess

The Changing World of the Forest Goddess Hannah walked alone through the woods and felt wistful. She was nine years old but had already seen many changes in her short life. They weren’t all bad things. Some were pretty wonderful. Hannah loved having a new little brother and her stepmother was just lovely. She worriedDisplay


      “Chew your food with your mouth closed, get your elbows off the table, eat with your fork, get your finger out of your nose and stop blowing bubbles into your milk,” Mary Riplan yelled at her 11 year-old son. “Do you think you were born in a barn or something?” “Aw momDisplay

St. Uny Fairy School

Once upon a time there was a school for fairies called St Uny High and the fairies in that school were always extremely good. In the school there was a very special group of friends, their names were Silvermist who wore a beautiful blue dress and at 14 years old the eldest of them all. Then thereDisplay

The Snow Mouse (Ears Mouse)

Ears Mouse, Book 2 Ears Mouse woke up with a shiver, ‘Brrrrrrrrrr’ he said to himself, ‘I am in my nice bed with my big quilt but I am still cold, specially my nose’. His nose was almost as red as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’s nose. He had his night cap on his headDisplay

The Picnic (Ears Mouse)

Ears Mouse, Book 1 On the edge of a very small country village in England there is an old road called Hollies Lane. This lane leads to a small but beautiful forest called Oak View, which is not visited very often by people. All along this lane, if you were to look very carefully, youDisplay

The Clam Said, Ouch!

THE CLAM SAID, OUCH! “LOOKIT!” Adam shouted. Frosty edges rode the top of huge waves, like a parade of small hills heading for the ocean beach. “Too high,” three-year old Colin giggled. “No, they’re not!” Adam said. He was seven, so he should know. “Follow me,” he ordered. Colin did. “Aren’t you glad we broughtDisplay

The Painter’s Daughters

The Painter’s Daughters There was once a painter who had two daughters; one rare and beautiful, the other common and ugly. The painter delighted greatly in his beautiful daughter and made her the subject of all his paintings. The ugly daughter, however, received no attention and wept alone hidden in her room. When the daughters’ mother cameDisplay

A Boy Made Happy

A BOY MADE HAPPY In this little town of Truro, Nova Scotia there are many boys and girls who are afraid. Some remember sorrows which happened to them in the past. A badly cut finger or a broken ankle. Sometimes even a hurt, deep inside from a word spoken in anger. When the night sneaksDisplay

A Fortunate Experience

A Fortunate Experience Change is defined as to give a different position, course, or direction to. Change is essential in life because you learn from change and it gives you a new route to take in life. Many people in life tend to not understand change but it’s the ones that do who are theDisplay

Dancing with Daddy

Dancing with Daddy “I am so bored,” said Jessica one early Sunday morning. “There is nothing fun to do around the house.” Jessica Beth was 8 years old and very energetic ready for some fun. She tried playing inside all by herself, but after a while it was not any fun. Jessica read to herDisplay

A Home for Caspian

A HOME FOR CASPIAN After searching all day for a home, Caspian finally gave up and sat on a stone by the roadway in despair. “What am I going to do?” he asked himself. ”Its raining every day, I need somewhere to stay.” Oh dear! What a mess. “What’s a mess, what’s a mess?” aDisplay

The War of the Biscuits

The War of The Biscuits The chocolate digestives lived peacefully on the shelf in Tesco’s until one afternoon they were taken. Once they were brought home to Mrs Speed’s house she undid them and put them in her biscuit box. The chocolate biscuits felt very intimidated, as some of the other biscuits who were thereDisplay

Gotta Go!

Gotta Go! “Don’t drink all of that, you’ll have to go during the movie.” Brian didn’t listen to his mother, but continued to gulp down his soda with vigor. And out of spite, he went and filled his cup again. His mother just sighed and prepared for the worst. Brian was in one of hisDisplay

Max’s New Bed

Max’s New Bed Once there was a little boy named Max. Max refused to go to bed. He stayed up later than his older sister Teresa, kicking and screaming about not going to bed. One night, Teresa asked Max why he never wanted to sleep. “Because….” Said Max between tears. “I don’t like my crib.Display

The Butterfly and the Fire Breathing Dragon

  A long, yes very long time ago there was a dragon, a most evil, wicked and feared fire breathing Dragon called Dre. Or so it was believed that he was most evil and wicked – but later, and as the story will tell, it will be learned that Dre had been shunned by mostDisplay

Eden, my dearest friend!

Once upon a time there was a wealthy family called The Smiths. They lived in a very big and comfortable mansion just like a castle. The house had a beautiful garden with many smelly red roses. These flowers were planted in honour of Mr. Smith’s wife, Emma, and they also had a little girl calledDisplay


The Prince was lost. He wondered in the dark forest for a very long time, leading his horse. They walked and walked until both were too tired to move any further. The Prince stopped by a little stream of water, and they both drank thirstily. “What shall we do, Star?” Prince Dale asked his horse.Display

A Memorable Fancy

A bird was singing while perched on a branch of a tree. This caught the attention of a cat nearby who climbed onto the roof of a house near the tree. Stealthily, the cat moved closer, then pounced on the limb and attempted to sink its teeth into the bird’s throat. The bird struggled andDisplay

The Princess

PRINCESS Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses. Their names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8. They all lived in a manor, with butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people. But the princesses did not treat them like slaves, they treated them with respectDisplay

The Magic Pen

The Magic Pen I’m sitting in my backyard on a sunny early spring afternoon. My blue spiral notebook is on my lap and a magic pen is in my hand. The pen doesn’t look that special if you see it in my bag or on my desk, just a black gelstick pen with a cap.Display

Emma’s Secret

Emma’s Secret Emma had kept her secret for so long, letting it grow in her heart. But the secret was so big, she knew she couldn’t keep it inside much longer. She wanted to show people how beautiful it was, like Heaven on Earth, but she wasn’t sure how. At first she noticed the secretDisplay

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address March 4, 1865 Fellow countrymen: At this second appearing to take the oath of the presidential office, there is less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first. Then a statement, somewhat in detail, of a course to be pursued, seemed fitting and proper. Now, at theDisplay

Going Home

Going Home A Civil War Story As I look back at the year of 1864 I see I was wrong about war . . . I was young then, about 12, when I was drafted into the Civil War as a drummer boy. I was eager for war and fighting. Momma and Papa had toldDisplay

Voice in a Bottle

VOICE IN A BOTTLE The sun was warm on Ryan’s neck, as he lay upon the grass on grandpa’s property. He stared across Northumberland Strait along New Brunswick’s shore, the water smooth as an NHL rink. Cape Islander boats were dropping lobster traps, also called ‘pots.’ Ryan was fascinated the first time he saw aDisplay

B Bradley the Inventor

B Bradley the Inventor Last year, we got a new kid in our class. His name is “B Bradley.” We really didn’t notice him much until last summer. I am on the same swim team as B. Every morning, we have swimming practice at 7:30. That is just too early. Our coach is very firm–noDisplay

Coulours of Halloween

ONCE UPON A time there was a little boy named Jeremy… Jeremy climbed into bed, he was seven now but he still liked his mother to read him a bedtime story. “Once upon a time long ago…” His mother’s voice lulled him off to sleep, her words soft and soothing when suddenly she was shakingDisplay


Alone My mother and father had just left the house to go to the movies. I was baby-sitting my two little sisters when the doorbell rang. I knew that I shouldn’t answer the door for obvious reasons, but something drew me to open it. I saw a man at the door and said, “Can IDisplay

The Wild Night

The Wild Night The night was cold. A breeze chilled the back of my neck as I stepped closer to the old oak. ‘Mother Ursula?’ I asked nervously. The night was silent. I straightened up slightly. ‘Oh, Mother Ursula?’ Suddenly, the night exploded. The tree’s leaves burst into fire and an owl hooted. A redDisplay


CORPSE Aaahhhh! Out of nowhere came the murderous scream in the midnight hour in Lord Darberfield’s castle. The maids, butlers and cooks were all the residents who lived in the castle and they came rushing out of their bed rooms holding their candles in their shaking hands and looking pale with utter fright, nearly allDisplay

The Candle

The Candle I was in the basement of my grandma’s house when my grandma called for me to come upstairs. I ran up and she said she was leaving, but my cousin Shayla was coming over. Well my grandma left and I stayed upstairs watching TV for a bit until Shayla came. My grandma hadDisplay

The Beck of Roses Red

The Beck of Roses Red Yesterday, I visited a beck. Not very interesting, you might be saying as you read this. But it is nobig wow whatsoever. This particular beck is haunted by a ghost who was brutally slaughtered in the War of the Roses. Why did I go there? It was because of aDisplay

Helga the Witch

Helga The Witch Helga’s long matted hair fell over her coal black eyes. She leaned over her crystal ball and shrieked, “Those children must be stopped!” Everywhere she looked there were children laughing and playing. It was enough to make any witch cranky. But Helga was not just any witch. She was one of theDisplay

The Witch’s Messengers

The Witch’s Messengers The wind blowed in Maria’s hair. It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. ‘Thalia!’ she cried before stumbling on a pebble. ‘Thalia!’ Maria was looking for her long lost daughter and a fortune teller had told her to seek BloodhurstCave. Years ofDisplay

Bernie the Early Bloomer

Bernie the Early Bloomer Bernard Willard Bloomenthall is a very serious boy. He studies hard at school, does his homework, and loves baseball. Everyone just calls Bernard ‘Bernie.’ He has two best friends, Logan and Andy. They always meet at Bernie’s house after they finish their homework. Today is no different. First Logan rings theDisplay

Patty Potential

Patty Potential Once there was a young girl, named Patty. She had lots of fun and made many friends. During the summer before her third grade, Patty decided to try a new sport. Swim team was nearly over and Patty was the fastest swimmer in her age group. She had always been the best. TheDisplay

The Magical Ball

THE MAGICAL BALL “Strike three, your out”, Billy shouted. “Man, you couldn’t hit your way out of a paper bag.” Mike dropped the bat. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t hit the ball. It just wasn’t fair. All his life he had loved the game of baseball, more than anyone had. ButDisplay

The Sporty Boy and the Lazy Mother

Once upon a time, there lived a sporty boy named Michael Jordan. And his mother, Mrs. Wright, and she was even lazier than a fat pot-belly pig. And Michael was always treated like a slave. He made lunch, dinner, and breakfast. He was always working even though he’s only three years old. He couldn’t haveDisplay

Mitty’s Surprise

Mitty the Kitty opened her lazy green eyes and yawned. The sun was rising and it was going to be a beautiful day. She stood on her tip toes and stretched. Her black fur shimmered in the sunlight. She licked her white paws. She was proud of her special colors. It appeared that she wasDisplay

The Little Fish Who Swam to the Big Ocean

Once upon a time, there was a fish named George. He lived in the water, as all fish do but something was different about George, he did not like the water. He swam and swam around in the water, and every place he swam, he would find something that he did not like. First, heDisplay

Jeffery the Goose

One day Jeffery and some of his friends had sneaked out of their pen and were quite happily eating grass on the river bank, when two huge dogs who were out for a walk with their master, came charging toward the geese at a tremendous speed. They were going so fast that they slipped onDisplay

A Winterburgh Tale

CHAPTER ONE Peter Fox was a small, brown, furry fox who lived on the edge of the forest of Winterburgh. There were lots of animals in Winterburgh but Peter’s special friends were Alan the Hare and Billy the Stoat. It all happened on July the 23rd 1996. It seemed a strange sort of day. Peter,Display

The Teddy Bear War

“I’m the cutest!” Baxter Bear said to Billy Bear. He was certainly a very handsome teddy bear. His fur was soft brown and he wore a purple sweater and straw hat. “I’m the cutest!” Billy Bear insisted. He too was a very handsome teddy bear. His fur was snow white and he wore a redDisplay

Marvin the Curious Mouse

Marvin was a little white mouse about two years old. He was one of a litter of 29 other mice. His mom was always worried that he was going to get hurt. He was so curious about the world “Curiosity killed the cat,” she warned. Marvin never really listened to his mother’s warnings. The worldDisplay

Puffer Bunny and the Escape to the Meadow

Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Puffer Bunny. He was so fluffy that everyone wanted to cuddle him. He lived with some kids in a comfortable bungalow. The kids were named BoBo, Bobby, and Kit. Bobby was especially fond of little Puffer because he had raised him from a baby. OneDisplay

Adventures in Jungle Juice

  Adventures in Jungle Juice Thomas lived with his parents in a big old house in Surrey, his mum and dad Pat and Phil were used to Thomas wandering about the house talking to himself. “He’s in his own world again” said Pat to Phil. Like a lot of teenagers with Asperger Syndrome Thomas hadDisplay

Baby Annie

After Billy and Bevy were married for a while, they had a cute little baby beaver. They were very excited. Her name was Annie. Mama and Papa Beaver were very proud to be grandparents. Lizzie and Randy were proud to be aunt and uncle. Baby Annie was very active, exploring the river and the riverDisplay

PJ Frog’s Birthday

PJ frog opened his eyes to the bright sun of a new day. He stretched out his long legs and stuck out his tongue to taste the morning air. PJ hopped out of his bed onto the green, dew soaked leaves and raced to his mom’s nest nearby. “Wake up, mommy, wake up,” PJ shoutedDisplay