Marlon Bravo

There was a young man once that was a very hard worker. He believed that this was the way to success. He worked for a rich man that told him he could climb up the corporate ladder if he would work harder. So the young man began to work harder than ever before. He didn't spend time with his friends and family, and his health had begun to decline. Eventually the young man became an old man. The old man went and asked the rich man why he hadn't been promoted or compensated for his hard work. The rich man told him that if he worked harder harder, he could then climb up the corporate ladder. The old man was bothered by the response and asked why he would repeat the same advice to him. The rich man had no idea who this old man was. The rich man apologized for his answer and felt pity for him. The rich man let him in on a secret, "I tell the same thing to everyone in order for them to work harder. How about a dollar raise?"


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