Tweety the Bird

Sarah Sandeep Patil

There once was a bird name Tweety.  She likes to tweet.  And she's very sweet.  And she loves to sing.  She was the shortest baby bird.  But she was very kind.  She loved her parents like she loved herself.

She likes listening to music, and she likes to sing it.

It was Tweety's first day at school.  She looked at the birds beside her, who were huge and taller.  Every time in class she kept singing.  After a while, the other birds started to bully her saying she was crazy and short, and she'll never be a singer.

She ran away from school to her house and she went to her bedroom.  She ran to the mountains where she can see the stars.  It was her favorite place where she would visit everyday.

Tweety thought about the things they said about her.  She looked at the stars sadly.  Tweety thought in her mind I don't care what they say about me, it only matters what I think about myself.  Tweety looked at the stars with a telescope and gasped.  She noticed that when you look through a telescope, the stars are all of the colors of the rainbow.  But without the telescope they were only white. Tweety then wrote a song on stars.

She got inspired. Then she started to write. After a couple of days Tweety begged her mom to take her to a singing competition.  They sat in the car and off they went.  It was time for the competition.  Tweety was going first!  Tweety was nervous.  But then Tweety was not nervous anymore.  She started to sing. Then the judges announced the winners.  And Tweety won!

After years and years, Tweety became the most famous singer.  All of Tweety's songs were famous, and she was called "Tweety the Star"

Moral of the story: Follow your dreams.


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