Kiki's Big Kite

Aanya Sharma

Kiki is my best friend. We loved to play together. Every year, we flew kites during the kite festival. This year, Kiki went far away to another country with his parents. He would send me his pictures every day. But I missed him a lot!
The annual kite festival was around. My daddy got me ten kites. They were very colorful, and some of them even had my favorite cartoon characters. Few were big. One of the kites had a very long tail. I liked it very much. I called up Kiki to see if he also got his kites. He told me, he did. He had five kites with colorful patterns. He had a surprise kite too! I wondered what the surprise kite would look like! He too wished if he could see mine. I promised to send him few photographs.
It was the day of the kite festival. I woke up early, got ready and had breakfast quickly. Then, I went to fly kites with other friends. Our kites were flying high in the sky. Every now and then, someone’s kite would be hit by another kite and drift away.
It was afternoon. I was tired of flying kites all morning. My favorite kite with the long tail was still high up in the sky… unbeaten! I looked up at the sun. Suddenly, I saw a very big kite coming towards me. Something was there on its top! It was coming fast. It came much closer now; finally, I could see what it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes… It was Kiki, sitting on top of the kite!! He had come from far away to see me!
Kiki slid down the kite rope and landed in the park. My excitement knew no bounds. We ran to each other to hug. I had really missed him today! I hugged him tight. The next moment, I heard my mom say, ‘Hey, Let go of me now! Aren’t you tired of flying kites all day? Lets go home.’
I looked around. Where had Kiki gone?
I called Kiki in the evening. I told him what happened at the park. He laughed, and then promised to send me a photograph. Soon, I got a photo of a very big kite, with my face printed on it. It was Kiki’s surprise kite!


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