The last humans in the world

Anika Dhapola

Chapter- 1
Once upon a time there lived 2 friends named Cassy and Katie. The world they lived in was getting attacked by many zombies. They were everywhere. Katie and Cassy ran into their tree house and hid in there for months. After a while they thought why not just go out and see how to world is now.

Chapter- 2
Both of them stepped out of the tree house and saw many zombies and everything was burned down. “We have missed a lot! Look at this place! It’s all burned down!” said Katie. “Yeah… Want to look around? We need to be really careful while walking around because there are so many zombies! We don’t want to be zombie food! Eww!” said Cassy. “Yes, let’s do it! First I’ll go down then you come behind me.” Said Katie. They both climbed down the tree house ladder slowly.

Chapter- 3
“Wow! It is really empty out here! I wonder if we are the last people in this world!” said Cassy. “Well, we might be! Let’s look around!” said Katie. “I can see no-one at all here! It actually feels like we are the last humans here!” said Cassy. “Yeah! There is no-one here! I will go to all the stores and Cassy go to all the restaurants!” said Katie. “I am hungry so sure!” said Cassy. “Come on! You’re not eating any food there! You never know, it can have poison in it!” said Katie. “Yeah, yeah. I won’t!” said Cassy. “Okay! Now let’s start! Call me if you find anything!” said Katie.

Chapter- 4
Both of them quietly walked away to explore how their world looked now. Cassy walked into a restaurant. All she could see is food on the walls, floor and ceiling! Just then she hears a noise! “Ouch! Ouch!” it said. Cassy slowly walked towards that sound and saw a huge caterpillar on the ground. “A-a-are you okay?” she asked politely. “Not really… One of the zombie bit me and it hurts a lot! I thought that this is a safe place to come and relax.” Said the huge caterpillar. “Oh! That’s bad! I have some medicines in my bag! Do you mind if I put one of them on you?” asked Cassy. “Oh yes sure! Thank you!” said the huge caterpillar. Cassy takes out a cream and gently puts it on the caterpillar’s body. “It feels much better now! Thank you so much! What’s your name?” said the huge caterpillar. “Oh no problem! I’m Cassy!” said Cassy. “I need to go now! I’m happy I helped you! Bye!!” said Cassy and left.

Chapter- 5
Katie was walking into one of the furniture stores. All the sofas and tables there were broken. “This place is a big mess!” said Katie to herself. “Yes, the indeed are.” Said a strange voice. “Umm... Who is here? Who was that!” said Katie. It was a huge robot getting controlled by a zombie! “Wow! I have never seen anything so cool in my life ever!” said Katie not even scared. The robot started destroying everything there! “Okay! Now I’m scared!” said Katie. She ran all around the store and the robot was still following her. “Boo!” said the strange robot. But! The person who was controlling the robot was actually just Cassy pulling a prank on Katie! “Hahaha got you!” said Cassy. “Oh my god! Cassy! I got so scared! This was not the correct time to prank me!” said Katie.

Chapter- 6
“Wait! Katie! Look! It’s some sort of radio! What if we can talk to people from here!” said Cassy. “Woah! What is this?” said Katie. Cassy picked it up and heard someone speaking. But the voice was breaking so they couldn’t hear them properly. “Helloooo? Anyone there?” said Katie. Both of them really wanted to meet someone. They were feeling very lonely there all alone. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to communicate with the person on the radio, so they just walked away. Cassy looked back and took the radio along with them. She knew that at least some day they would be able to communicate with them.

Chapter- 7
After a few weeks they heard someone say “Come to the nearest river you can find! I will be there! Come fast!” “Katie! Katie! Someone just told us to come to the nearest river we can find! It was from the radio! We can find new friends!” said Cassy. “OMG! Let’s quickly go!” said Katie. Both of them ran to the closest river to their tree house. “Hello? Anyone here?” said a voice. “Did you hear that?” asked Katie. “Yes! I did! Let’s respond!” said Cassy. “Yes? Hello! We are here! From the radio!” said Cassy. A person walked to them. They couldn’t believe who it was! It was one of their really old friend from school! “Jasmine! What are you doing here?” asked Katie. “Katie? Cassy! It has been so long! I was living in our school for the past year not knowing anyone would be alive! I found this radio, so I decided to pick it up!” said Jasmine (their old friend). “Wow!” said Cassy. “At-least we have company now! Jasmine why don’t you come and live with us in our tree house!” said Katie. “Wow thank you! Sure!” said Jasmine. They all moved in together and had a lot of fun! They also made friends with some zombies!



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