The day before Christmas

Saanvi Udawat
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Christmas was round the corner and Santa was very excited. He was looking forward to giving all the lovely presents to the kids. However, just a day before Christmas, Santa Claus fell very sick. He was a bit worried as well because it was a day before Christmas, and what would he do if he could not give gifts to the children in town?

He got an Idea! He called all the elves to see who rides the sledge best. Every single elf tried but they failed. Only one was left, he was a new elf and everyone was laughing at him because they thought he was useless. Then the elf started riding the sledge but he kept falling down. He asked Santa for one last chance. This time, he tried his best and he did it!

Everyone was very shocked. The next day, the elf went to give the gifts to the children. When he came back, Santa gave him a present because the elf had done a good job. When the elf opened the gift, he saw a new elf costume. He said thank you to Santa.

So the moral of the story is that even if others laugh at you, you should not get intimidated and continue your task. And if you fail, you should not give up and keep trying.


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