Ginger and the six cats

Amber Brooke

Ginger and the six cats

It was a lovely day in the meadow and all of ginger's six brothers and sisters were playing in the meadow's freshly grown grass.

All of her brothers and sisters were grey, but ginger was a gold colour with orange stripes. Gingers brother's and sister's names were; Gray, Tom, Linx, Victoria, Petunia, and Polly. Ginger's brothers and sisters teased her because she had ginger coloured fur and they all had grey coloured fur. This made ginger sad. Usually on days like this, ginger's brothers and sisters wouldn't let her play. So ginger would sit underneath a tree in the shade while she watched her brothers and sisters play in the beautiful warm meadow.

A few days later the news spread that the cat races were going to began in 3 days. Ginger and her brothers and sisters sighed up. All of ginger's brothers and sisters were surprised that ginger signed up for the cat races. "Why'd ginger sign up?" Victoria whispered to Polly. "Yeah," agreed Tom. "Ginger's such a big fraidy-cat. She'll probably be so scared that she won't be able to move. Then I'll zoom right past her and be the first to the finish line" said Linx. "What are you TALKING about?!" whined Petunia. "Don't you mean I'll be first to the finish line?" "Don't you mean I will?" As ginger's brothers and sisters continued to argue, ginger prepared for the big race. She was timing herself as she did laps around the meadow.

On the big day, she was ready. Gray, Tom, Petunia, Linx ,Polly Victoria and ginger were all lined up at the starting line at the Claw-vill racing academy. The cougar referee was waiting patiently to drop the flag.

While ginger and her brothers are sisters were waiting for the flag to drop, ginger pulled out the map to see where the racetrack went. Right now, they were at the entrance of the Claw-vill mall.

The race was from the beginning of the mall all the way to the end of the mall. The mall was very popular, so it was always very busy. Since the mall was so busy, it got expanded to a length of 1 MILE LONG.

When ginger put away her map, there was only ONE MORE MINUTE until the flag dropped. So 1 minute later, the flag dropped. The race had BEGUN!

Linx, the fastest of the litter, was in the lead. Ginger was following behind. Then the other boys caught up with Linx. "Hey, Linx!" panted Tom. "Since the other girls are so slow, how 'bout we stop at the salmon shack to get a bite to eat?" "Okay," said Linx, not out of breath.

Meanwhile, ginger and her sisters were still in the race. With Ginger still behind, Petunia was taking the lead. Polly and Victoria caught up with her. "Hey! Wanna stop at the 'pretty kitty' fur salon? It's right up ahead." "Okay, sure. Ginger should still be behind by the time we're done."

So now only ginger was in the race. She was expecting to arrive at the finish line and see Linx wearing a first place medal and all of her other brothers and sisters WAILING because they didn't WIN. And When ginger FINALLY arrived at the finish line, her jaw dropped. None of her brothers or sisters were there! No. This couldn't be right. Maybe they all went back to the den because she was taking to long.

But when the jaguar saw Ginger at the finish line, she said excitedly, "Congratulations! You just WON the Claw-vill cat race!" Ginger got handed a gift basket with a big golden can of sardines and a purple ball of yarn inside of it. Ginger couldn't believe it. She had just WON the biggest race of the year!

Ginger went home with her presents and figured that her brothers and sisters would come back home once they realized what had happened. When her brothers and sisters got home, they were all sobbing because they didn't win and because they were sorry. "We're all so sorry, Ginger." Said Petunia over her tears. Then they gave Ginger a big hug. After that Ginger forgave them and gave them each a sardine from her golden can. And after that, they all lived happily ever after.

By: Amber Brooks

Age: 9


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