The Rainbow


The Rainbow


There was a little girl who loved the rain.

She danced in the drops as they landed on her skin.

She skipped rope in the puddles.

She stretched her arms out and spun around with an open mouth to let the water tickle her tongue.

One day while the girl was twisting and turning underneath the raindrops, a beautiful rainbow lit up her path.

She had always heard that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

She did not see a pot of gold.

She saw light streaks of many colors.




While the girl was looking at the colors of the rainbow, it turned into a bridge.

She began to walk towards the bridge that was all bright and shiny.

She danced across the bridge and disappeared into the red, blue and yellow rays.

In that town, you can hear people talk about the little girl who loved the rain.

You can also hear them talk about a bridge that leads to heaven.

The little girl crossed that bridge, and on a rainy day when the sun peaks through the clouds, you can see and hear her dancing, swirling, grinning, and laughing.

You can, just look.

© Copyright 2000 Rebecca Chamaa


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