The Bronco Named Thunder

Sirhc Rellim

Once upon a time there was a wild bronco who wanted a place to call home.
This wild bronco was very polite and knew how to run fast.
He would run through the plains as fast as he could racing many horses all different shapes and sizes.
He would always win.
This bronco notice that there would be a big horse racing event and all competitors were welcome.
Using his cunning ability he was able to join the race.
On race day he was very nervous that he would not do well.
However he really wanted to show the world that he was the fastest horse in the valley.
He thought that if he could win maybe just maybe he might find that home he was looking for.
All the horses were getting ready at the starting gate so the bronco got ready as well.
Once the gun went off the bronco ran with all his might.
He started the race off with a very big lead.
He swerved and dipped through each corner with ease.
Once he got to the last straight away he felt as if there was nothing that could stop him from losing.
All of a sudden he started to lose his quickness due to his inexperience.
When he was about to cross the finish line another horse was right next to him head to head.
After the race had finished he realized that he was beaten by a hair.
The bronco was very dissappointed that he did not win.
When the bronco was about to leave the race the winning horse trotted over to him and asked what his name was
He replied with "my name is thunder". The winning horses tranior was so impressed with Thunders performance he asked him if he would like to come live with them on their farm.
Thunder was so happy he jumped with joy.
Now Thunder lives happily on a farm at a place he calls home.
The End


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