Monster in the Jungle

neelam awais

Monster in the Jungle

Once upon a time a wise lion lived in the jungle.  He was always respected for his intelligence and kindness.  All the animals used to go to him to discuss their problems.  He was the best king they could ever had.
a few miles away from the jungle there was an empty cave.  All the animals knew it was deserted and nobdy lived there.  But, one day they saw a monster entering the cave.  The monster was very evil and wanted to eat the animals but nobody would talk to him.  So, he decided to invite all the animals to the cave for a party and later eat them.  He knew the king of the jungle was very wise and he would not allow any animal to come to the party so he did not invite him.  He also knew how brave and strong the lion was so he was really scared of him.

All the animals got ready for the party and gathered at a place to go to the cave.  But, Zebra pointed out that the King of the Jungle was missing, so they all went to the lion to ask him to go with them. Lion saw all the animals together and asked them where they were going.  When they told him about the party he immediately understood the monster's plan so he told all the animals to wait here and he went to the cave alone.  Seeing the lion, monster got really scared and tried to run but the lion caught him.  The monster asked for forgiveness but the lion only forgave him on the condition that he would leave the cave and never come back.  So, the monster agreed and left.

All the animls thanked the lion for saving them from the monster and lived happily together.


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