Benedicte Nissen

It's was a sunny day. The green and yellow fields were so beautiful in the sun. I looked out at the window.

" Marley!" I shouted. Marley was my dog and my only friend. When I called him he came as fast as he could. I hated school, but I had to go. I said goodbye to Marley and took my bike and rode it to school. There were many children in the schoolyard they were laughing and playing with each other. But I had nobody to talk to. I was alone. I went to the big school door and into my classroom. There was a little sign on the door - 6th grade it said on the little paper. It was just me in the big classroom. I sat down on my chair. And then the door opened and the most stupid girl, Emily, and her best friend came in.

"Oh hi little loser!" She said. I did not answer her. She took my school bag.

"No! No! Stop!," I shouted. When I tried to take it from her, she pushed me away. She ran up to the bathroom and threw my bag in to the washbowl and turned the water on. And now there was water everywhere. She ran back to the classroom. I took my bag out at the washbowl. My clothes were dripping wet. I was sad and I didn't understand why she did that. I locked myself in the toilet and sat there the rest of the day, until the cleaning lady come in and shouted. "Come out or else I will call up the school janitor,"

So I ran out of the toilets, there was nobody in the schoolyard. I was alone again. I ran down the street, there were tears on my cheeks. I pulled the door up.

"Marley, " I shouted. But there was nobody home. My mother wasn't home but it didn't surprise me. She was never home when I needed her. But where was Marley? I looked in every little room. But I could not find him anywhere. I ran to the park, it was there I used to take a walk with Marley. But there was no Marley. The day was one big ruin. I tried to hide my face in my jacket. I was in panic and I feared that somebody had taken Marley and that somebody might be someone from the school. I went in to the living room and sat down in the big armchair and looked at a picture of me, my mother and Marley at the beach in the sunset. After a while the doorbell rang. I ran to the hall and pulled the door up. The first thing I saw was Marley jumping into my arms and secondly I saw Emily from school.

"Oh, are you living here?"" she asked.

I slammed the door on her head. She had kidnapped my dog. She is a real bad person. In the same second the doorbell rang again "Please let me explain," she shouted outside. I opened the door and she said. " I saw this dog in the park and I looked at the dog tag and saw this address. I didn't know it was your dog,"

"Sorry! My mistake," I said, "would you like to come in?"

And the next day me and Emily went to school together.

The End

©2013 Benedicte Nissen


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