The Stubborn Turnip

Isaac Wood

Once upon a time, there lived an old lady and an old man and they planted peas, green beans, and one enormous turnip. One day, the old man had an idea. The old man went to fetch three black cats, two dogs, a farmer, five pigs, sixteen hens, a thousand chicks, and one hundred and eight ducks. He said, “I know what we can have for dinner. Turnip stew.”


But there was one thing that the farmer didn’t know. The turnip was stubborn. Now, the old lady asked her wonderful husband, “where is the turnip for our stew?” The farmer said “sorry my beautiful wife, the turnip was so stubborn, it wouldn’t come out of the ground!” Five minutes after, they heard a little squeaky voice, it was two little puppies. And they wanted to help pull the stubborn turnip out. But the farmer just said “it won’t do any difference at all. But to see if it works, let's give it a try!" So they did.

The puppies helped . . . and that very moment, the turnip went flying out of its pit. So they had turnip stew, after all.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end

©2007 Isaac Wood


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