Wildfire |Chapter 3|


|Chapter 3|

Oh no.

Oh no, no no!

There's only once chance. I need to find out where she is, that's all I need.

Even just a little clue.

'Lavender!' Wildfire screamed, her eyes widening in fear.

No answer

Did I really just lose her?    What will I do?          Where is she!

'No! Let me go!' shouted a distant voice overhead.
Don't worry little sis, I'm coming!

Wildfire's eyes filled with tears as she rushed through the market, pushing mice out of her
way.  She shook the tears off, for she would not be able to see her sibling if tears blurred her sight.  She spotted her little sister, struggling to escape the grasp of another mouse in a dark coat, which covered his face.  He was clutching her jacket hood, and pulling her back towards him whenever Lavender was about to run away.

He was heading for the elevator clouds which lead to..
The Earth beneath him.

Wildfire's eyes grew even wider, and her heart skipped a beat in horror.

A Leaf Mouse.
You'll pay.

|End Of Chapter|


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