Jun Amparo

One night I was busy doing an online project. My wife was checking her Facebook page. Suddenly, our 4-year-old daughter Gayle said, “Mommy, we forgot to pray.” I immediately got up, left my laptop on the bed, and joined Gayle and my son, Justin.

As we held our hands together for prayer, Justin called for Mommy to join us. She did and said, “Gayle, can you start first? When you finish praying, Justin will follow, and then Mommy and Daddy.”

Mommy softly whispered words into Gayle’s ear so she could learn how to pray. “Dear Jesus,” repeated Gayle, “Thank You, Lord, for our angels who always watch over us. Also, please keep us safe as we sleep.”

Gayle finished and it was Justin’s turn. Everyone listened to him as Mommy helped him with what to say: “Dear Jesus, please remind Justin to say good morning to teacher when he’s walking in the hallway or anywhere at school. Please help him not to be shy, so he can speak in front of many people. Amen.”

Now it was Mommy’s turn to pray “Dear Jesus, please help Justin and Gayle to be a good boy and a good girl. Help Mommy and Daddy to be good parents.” She continued to pray about other things, including our family in the Philippines.
Then Justin interrupted and said, “Mommy, please tell Jesus to send us more money, OK?”
Mommy added, “Jesus, please send us money.”
Mommy ended her prayer. Then I prayed a very short one to finish.

After prayer, I went outside to check if all the doors were locked and the lights were off. Suddenly I heard a voice calling, “Madam, madam, madam!” I opened the door and the gate and saw a Thai woman. She was asking for my wife. I called my wife and they spoke. Then the woman took my wife’s mobile phone, called someone, and handed the phone back to my wife. The person on the line spoke English well and told my wife that the woman was looking for a Filipino tutor for her son.
When their conversation ended and my wife came inside, she told me she had agreed to teach the woman’s son five times a week. That would mean my wife would earn 350 baht (Thai currency, or US$10.79) per day. When the woman left, Mommy smiled at Justin and said, “Jesus will certainly give us money very soon. Then we can give offerings next Sabbath and buy toys!”

Each of us had a smile on our faces as we went to bed.


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