Wildfire |Chapter 4|


|Chapter 4|

Wildfire was speeding towards her sister, leaping over a bucket of freshly cut flowers.  The sounds of mice protesting and grumbling loudly after she pushed them out of her way barely meant anything to the mouse.  She ran around a corner, and rushed towards the cloud elevator, which worked quite like a waterwheel, but instead of being made of wood, it was made of cloud, and carried mice or rats instead of liquid water.  She jumped on a seat and looked around for Lavender.


Wildfire spotted Lavender and the mysterious Leaf Mouse from a few seats away, Lavender, who was still struggling to run free from the mouse's grasp, was shouting and kicking and being overall very suspicious.  However, everybody acted as if she wasn't there.  Fire felt a surge of anger throb somewhere in her heart.

Wildfire jumped to the seat in front of her, which was a few yards away. She kept her eyes on Lavender, but was very cautious not to fall off the elevator.
Lavender was just a seat away

|End Of Chapter|


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