Ickle, Wickle and Not


Ickle, Wickle, and Not


Three friends, Ickle, Wickle and Not like to have fun.

Ickle likes the Spring and Fall. He like to play with the flowers and leaves.

"We can have fun in the Spring and Fall," said Ickle.

"Yeah?" asked Ickle.

"No," said Wickle.

"Let's go," said Not.

Wickle liked the Winter. He liked to have fun in the cold snow.

We can have fun in winter," said Wickle.

"Yeah?" asked Wickle.

"No," said Ickle.

"Let's go," said Not.

Not like the Summer. He liked to have fun in the hot sun!

"We can have fun in the Summer," said Not.

"Yeah," asked Not.

"No," said Wickle.

"Let's go," said Ickle.

Seasons come and seasons go.

Flowers, leaves, sun and snow.

The three friends did agree.

"If we compromise there will be,

"More fun for you and me!"

©2004 Christy Robinson


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