The magic pen

Anika Dhapola

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Haliey. She was 7 years old. One day she was going down to play with her best friend. “Hi Zira!” said Haliey. “Hello!” said Zira. Both of them loved fairytales, so Zira had gotten one of her fairytale books. It was about a magic pen. They both sat down on the park’s bench to read the book. Zira read out “This magic pen can do anything you want. You just need to write it down and BOOM! Your wish will come true.” “I wonder if this pen is real!” said Haliey. “I have an idea! We can try searching for the magic pen! What if it is real!” said Zira with excitement. “That’s an amazing idea! Let’s start with the park!” said Haliey.

They both started searching for the magic pen in the park. They spend 15 minutes but did not find any pen. They spend another 15 in the other park. They still did not find anything. Both of them wanted to give up. But Zira remembered, they did not check the bushes near Haliey’s house! They both hurried to the bushes. They could not believe it! The magic pen was real! They ran into Haliey’s house and took a notebook from her desk.

“Hmm.. What do I really want?” asked Zira. “Didn’t you want a unicorn backpack?” asked Haliey to Zira. “Oh! Ya! Let me write it down!” replied Zira. She wrote, “I want a unicorn bag please!” In 10 seconds a unicorn bag appeared on her back. “Woah! Its real!” screamed Zira. “My turn!” said Haliey. “I want a new book please!” wrote Haliey. Pop! A fairytale book appeared in her hands! Both of them wanted to keep the pen somewhere safe and hidden. They would only use the pen when they would really need it. Zira and Haliey never told anyone about their pen. It was a secret!

The End!


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