Spirit of Anzac

Spirit of Anzac They clad us in the colours of the forest, and armed us with the weapons made for war. Then taught to us the ancient trade of killing, and lead us to the sound of battles roar. So give us comfort as we lay down bleeding, and pray upon our cold and stiffenedDisplay

South Pole Station

South Pole Station One day at the South Pole a plane touched down, and I got out, and I stood on the ground. And all about me the earth was still, not a bird in the sky, not a tree or a hill. Just bright white snow that was frozen and cold, and a radioDisplay

The Last Anzac

The Last Anzac They buried Doug Dibley today, a fine old gentleman who died in his sleep, at Rotorua on a hot December afternoon. No warrior’s death for him on Walker’s Ridge, where the poppies fed on the blood and frozen dreams; of good young men from Wellington. A day’s leave and a seven yearDisplay

Kiwi Peacekeepers

Kiwi Peacekeepers There’s death all around me, there’s death in the air, I can smell it and feel it–and I know now the fear. The road could be mined, or an ambush await, it may be the end–our appointment with fate. The escorts have left us, we’re now on our own, I’m as frightened asDisplay

In Flanders Fields

IN FLANDERS FIELDS In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and nowDisplay

Soldier’s Farewell

Soldier’s Farewell I’ve saddled up, and dropped me hooch, I’m going to take the gap, my Tour of Duty’s over mates, and I won’t be coming back. I’m done with diggin’ shell scrapes and laying out barbed wire, I’m sick of setting Claymore Mines, and coming under fire. So, no more Fire Support Base, andDisplay

A Cigarette Comrade

A Cigarette Comrade A cigarette comrade– before I die my face is torn and my eyes are gone but if you hold it to my lips I can still draw the flame. It matters not comrade– that we are foe I’m comfortable here in your hospital tent quietly bleeding into the dirt below. Forgive meDisplay

The Star-Spangled Banner

THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER Oh, Say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro’Display

America the Beautiful

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! O beautiful for pilgrim feet, Whose stern, impassioned stress A thoroughfare for freedom beat AcrossDisplay

Air Assault

AIR ASSAULT Thumping down the valley floor– Contour flying–open door. Squadron’s choppers in a line, The Air Assault goes in on time. Heart is pumping–temples too, Cobra Gunships–standing to. Caribina locked in place, Try to hide my fearful face. Check my bag and check my rope, God give me some bloody hope. Rifle slung behindDisplay

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