A Winter Night in the Forest


It was a winter night and the cool breeze is making animals seek some shelter and a cover on their bodies. The sparrows entered their nests, the rabbits went into their burrows, the parrots went into the holes on the tree trunks, the squirrels hide into the shoots of the coconut tree. Thus all those birds and animals settled down to face the chill night. Dr.Dove was watching all these animals in the bright moon light from its whole on the nearby rocky hill.

By mid night the chillness increased and a couple of crows had fallen seriously ill for the exposure to the severe cold.

As the Sun rises all the animals and birds started coming out and assembled at the bottom of the rocky hill.

What a cold it was last night. The winter has just begun now. By January it would be very cold. If the cold winds blow like this we will certainly reduce in number – said a crane that lives on the nearby thorn bushes.

I could hear the sound of my teeth as I shivered in the night – said a dog.

Though we are big we too feel the cold said an elephant.

Though I am in my Den I too felt it.

Here comes an idea – said Dr. .Dove by landing on a big stone.

We all know that the Lion lives in a big den in this hill. I have seen another small den that can comfortable accommodate our Lion. It is just on the other side of this Hill. I feel that the Lion can leave this big den and occupy the small one so that those animals that have no home can take shelter in the big den. Thus they can protect themselves from exposing to the severe cold.

As soon as Dr. Dove completed telling this, the lion roared and rejected the idea. I need this big den let animals seek shelter in the small den that you had located.

Looking at the elephants Dr .Dove said – Dear Lion this is only for the winter months and rainy days the rest of the time you can use this big den. The elephants trumpeted in support of this statement and urged the lion to agree.

Seeing the unity and the support Dr. Dove got from the herd of Elephants the Lion said : OK I agree.

The animals disbursed in search of food.

It was night again. All those animals that have no home gathered in the big den and felt good to be there. As the night advances the cold winds blew more frequently and making the animals shiver even in the Den. Some how they spent the night and gathered again at the bottom of the hill to share their experiences.

Since the den is not so deep it can protect us partially from the severe cold. We have to live with it – opined the deer.

Having listened to this discussion, Dr. Dove said: I have another idea to help you keep warm. You all can collect the twigs and our elephant friends can bring dried logs in the forest to the den. As mid night one of you can make these twigs and dried logs into a small heap and set fire. Then the den gets the warmth from this fire.

Great idea jumped a monkey.

That night the animals make their own hearth and felt the warmth and slept comfortably.

The animals make it a practice.

©2007 IVNS Raju


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