The secret


Granddad removes the snow of his shoulder. He just got a snowball on his head. As a workhorse, he toils and tows the sleigh with his five grandchildren. This is the third generation enjoying the long sliding vehicle, self-made by his father. It swiftly glides over the fresh snow.
There is a crackling wood basket on the covered terrace and grandma prepares hot chocolate milk in the kitchen. The boots go out and the wool socks with winter scenes gather around the fire. The youngest crawls on grandfather's lap: "Grandpa, are you going to tell a story now? Or something about fairy tales."
“Do you remember we went to the movies last month to see Frozen? The story is based on a very old fairy tale called The Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child, I often went to see the old Disney movies based on stories of famous writers such as the Brothers Grimm. I saw Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.”
“Which one was your favourite movie, grandpa?”
“When I was twelve I saw Cinderella. After Snow White, she was the second Disney princess.”
“Why did you like that movie?”
“Well, can you keep a secret?”
“Sure, we can, come on, tell us!”
“I then thought Cinderella was the most beautiful girl I ever saw, with her lovely golden hair and her glittering dress.”
“That is cool, grandpa, but what was you secret then?”
“Do not tell your granny, I fell in love with Cinderella.”
“But she only existed in a book or on the screen?”
“Yes indeed, later on, I luckily met grandma and although she did not have golden hair, she was a raven-haired girl with beautiful sparkling eyes, just like Snow White.”
“So, she became your first princess?”
“She surely did, look there she comes.”
Grandma arrives with six steaming cups of chocolate.
All the children look at her mysteriously.


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