The secret castle

Anika Dhapola

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sarah. She was going to the playground with her friend Chloe. When they reached the playground, no-one was there. They both were surprised, “How is there no-one here? Not even any security guard!” said Chloe. “Chloe! This park is all ours now!” said Sarah happily. “Yes, I know. But isn’t it a little to quiet?” said Chloe. “Yes, you have a point. But its ok! Let’s have fun now!!” said Sarah. Both of them played happily. But after a while both of them heard loud footsteps. “S-S Sarah? Is it just me hearing this or is it my mind?” said Chloe frightened. “I think not! I can hear loud footsteps too!” said Sarah. Both of them ran and hid behind a bush. It was a dragon! It was burning down everything. Everyone ran into their houses when they saw it. “Chloe! It’s a dragon! What do we do now! I’m scared.” Said Sarah frightened. “I have an idea! What if we follow it and see where it goes! We do know the way back home... Soo lets go! What do you say?” asked Chloe. “I mean sure! Why not. But we need to be extra careful!” said Sarah. Both of them quietly followed the dragon. After 15 minutes of walking, they saw a huge castle in front of them. “WOAH! This looks so beautiful!” said Sarah. “Wow! This looks so pretty! I wonder what will happen when we would go inside!” said Chloe. “Ooo! Nice idea Chloe!” said Sarah agreeing. The dragon went to the other side of the castle and slept. Both of the girls went inside the castle. “OMG! Chloe! This looks amazing! It feels like I’m in a fairy-tale!” said Sarah. “Woah! I do agree with you! Let’s check out this place! Imagine we meet the king and queen of this castle. “But…Chloe, what if we get in trouble for going into here? Our parents might scold us... Don’t you think so?” said Sarah. “Hmmm... It is already 6:30 p.m! We should go home now! Your right! I am gonna make a quick little map for this and burry it in the playground! We can find it after we grow up and come back here! Then we can also check out this place then. Is that a good idea?” said Chloe. “Yes!! That’s an amazing idea Chloe! Come on lets go home and draw the map!” said Sarah. Both of them returned back to the playground. Their parents came at the right time. Both of them waved bye. “Bye!! Shhh!” said both of them together. Their parents were confused. But both of them refused to tell them what the secret was.


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