The Cabin by the Lake

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


Annie, Martin, Nora and William were camping out with their parents. They would be living in the cabin by the lake for three days and the children were very excited.

When they got to the lake, they gazed in wonder at the water sparkling in the sun, at the bright blue sky and the trees standing along the lake. The cabin stood a little distance away, sitting right in the middle of the trees. It was made of wood and looked just right, almost like a part of nature.

While their parents unloaded the cars and started unpacking, the children ran down to the water.

“Be careful, children, don't get into the water until we come.” The two mothers shouted together.

“We won't.” They replied and stopped at the water’s edge. They saw a swan and her babies swim to the other side of the lake, they saw a kingfisher dive in and scoop up a fish, and in the distance they saw a deer come to the water and drink thirstily.

Once their parents joined them they were allowed into the water and swam happily for a long time, until hungry and tired.

Their rooms were tiny but their beds were very comfortable and the children slept peacefully through the night.

They woke to the sound of birds chirping loudly and ran to the window to look out. Birds of all shapes and sizes flew around busily looking for their breakfast. The sun was peeping over the trees and Annie and Martin saw their parents walking along the lake side.

“Mummy, daddy, wait, we’re coming too,”€ they yelled, and all four scrambled into their clothes and ran outside.

Nora and William’s parents sat in two comfortable chairs outside, but when the children joined them, they too walked down to the lake with them.

The children were happy during their holiday, and made their parents promise that they would return next year too, to the cabin by the lake.

© 2011 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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