Alaghde kelvin terngu

One misty morning in the sky bean land
something didn't feel right
all of the land's colours seemed faded
bounce travelled on, wondering where the singing birds had gone
Suddenly, the lights and colours nearby started to flicker
there was a weird machine,
slowly sucking in the colours of summer
as bounce approached it, a mole popped his head out of the ground
"stay away the machine!" it screamed and darted angrily towards bounce
That was weird! His eyes were spinning as if he was hypnotised; bounce thought to himself there may be more hypnotised friends around sky bean land. I must help them!
and so another bounce adventure began
Bounce stopped upon glimpsing movement in the sky
it was the evil hypnotoid flying away!
i should have known! I must catch him before it too late,'
Bounce thought to himself
The day was almost over when bounce chance upon an old friend
it was bumpy cracks, a kind moss-covered boulder
'Bumpy, wait! Where are you going? Bounce shouted when bumpy leapt into the pond
wake up you big chunk of rock!
bounce was becoming impatient
'oh, bounce, its you... Where are we? Whats going on? Bumpy wondered sleepily
'you tell me bumpy! You were the one runing and acting strangely
'i remember seeing hypnotoid...
take my form in order to catch him', bumpy mumbled. ©2017.By:Alaghde kelvin terngu


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