Yippie Yeah


This story happened a very long time ago…

Hurray comes home and sees a note on the kitchen table. He reads: ‘Hey, Hurray, would you like to go for a swim today?’ signed: ‘your friend Yippie’.

Hurray has to think twice about this message: first, he cannot swim, and even if so, where would they do so?

Hurray and Yippie lived in the Land of Milk and Honey in times when cars did not exist, nor did telephones. Electricity was already invented but you could hardly find it in the countryside. The only way to get in touch with someone was to go and see him or to send a letter by mail.

Hurray decides to go to the farm of Yippie’s parents. As if he knew that his friend was arriving, Yippie waits for him at the farm’s gate. “Yippie”, shouts Yippie: “you came, Hurray”

“Yes, hurray, here I am”, says Hurray.
“How about that swimming”, asks Hurray, “don’t you know that I cannot swim?”
“Of course I do”, says Yippie, “that is why I will teach you how to swim.”
No sooner said than done, Yippie takes two towels in the wardrobe and off they go.
“Where are we going to?” wonders Hurray.
“To the pool in the wood”, says Yippie.
The sun is shining and after a ten minutes walk, they arrive at the waterside.

“Clothes off”, Yippie cries out. They take off their clothes and jump into the shallow pool.
Hurray shouts: “Hurray”, and Yippie cannot stay behind and screams: “Yippieee Yeah.”
First, there is a lot of splashing, but soon the first swimming lesson starts. Yippie holds his friend by the waist and Hurray moves like a frog.
After a while, Hurray succeeds in floating all by himself and soon both friends are swimming next to each other.

“You have learned very quickly”, says Yippie. He is proud of being such a good swimming coach. Hurray wants to answer but with his mouth wide open it fills with water. They both explode with laughter.
Later, they let themselves dry in the sunlight. Sun milk did not exist yet. They only knew the lukewarm milk that they drank after milking the cow.

In these times, that was very common.


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