Jungle Public School (JPS)

Virender Hooda

There was a huge jungle (forest) with the name "keeka"
Many animals lived there.The king of the jungle was a big Lion.Whenever he roared,"keeka" vibrated.But all animals loved him.He was very wise and brave
One day his minister Tiger came to Kings castle and asked him to built a school for Jungle animals.
The Lion called his other members and asked to give inputs.Elephant,zebra,giraffe,crocodile,meerkat,rabit..all came.
The lion asked for help from all animals to built this school.Finally a empty place was searched and all animals asked to bring stones,bricks etc at the site.Many Elephants brought water in his trunk and day after day the school started to built.After 3 months a beautiful school was built and all the animals were invited for its opening.All animals came in beautiful dress.Cat came in skirt,elephant in suit,Lion in robe with crown,zebra wore jeans.There was colorful atmosphere everywhere."keeku" was looking as if some carnival is happening there.Lion took the scissor and cut the ribbon of newly built school.Every animal cheered.They all went inside and took pictures inside.Many posed against blackboards and Principal room.Tiger asked Lion who will be the principal of this school.
Lion was clueless as no animal is learned to be a principal.So all animals were asked to give a name for principal.Finally after gathering votes from every animal,it was decided that the Principal of Jungle Public School (JPS) will be .......Fox 😉
All thought that a clever animal should be asked to run the school.The Lion called Fox to the stage and designated her as Principal of Jungle Public School.
After that Lion called everyone to his castle for a grand party.
Animals had a great time there.Bear drunk beer,tiger had juice,Elephant had sugarcanes,rabbit had carrots...In the party the Lion took the mike and said"My dear animals,you have all done a great work to built the school,I am proud to be your king.Now I request you all to sent your little kids to JPS.
Everyone clapped and promised to send their kids.
End of story


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