The Girl That Was an Angel #1

Tara Muawwadh

Once there was a girl called December, she and her family thought she was an ordinary kid but, she was actually an angel.  God had sent her down to earth because he thought it would be a good opportunity to let December know what humans are like.  Now let’s finally start the story!

Chapter 1
“December!!!” her mom called.  “It’s your first day of school, you have to wake up early!!”  “Ok mom!” said December.  She quickly got out of bed and dressed herself, then she got her cloak and put on the hood.  “Mom can you please drive me to school I don’t really feel like walking,” December said.  Her mom gave December her lunch and drove her to school.

Chapter 2
December sighed when she reached the front doors, “Well, at least I don’t have to be homeschooled anymore.  Now time to go to… classroom 709.”  When she got there she was early, so she sat down on her chair.  A few minutes later a large group of students came into the room, they all sat down when the teacher came.  “Hello class!” said Professor Smith.  “We have a new student today, December, can you please introduce yourself to the class?”  December pulled her hood down farther and walked to the front of the class.  “Hello, I’m December, I am 15 years old.”  She walked back to her chair.  “Now today…” Professor Smith said.

Chapter 3
After her class, she went to the cafeteria, since it was lunchtime.  She sat alone until a friendly voice said, “May I sit down here?”  December looked up.  She saw a girl smiling.  “Yes, yes you can.”  The girl sat down to her and asked, “What’s your name?”  “December”  “Pretty name mine’s Charlotte!”  “Oh, hello Charlotte!” So they became friends and sometimes played with each other!
To Be Continued...


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