R. Riecke Gernon

I climbed into my bed last night
But could not get to sleep.
So I thought of something else to do.
Instead of counting sheep.

I jumped upon my cycle
And took off like a jet.
I love these quick and random rides
Have never tired yet.

I rarely ride beyond sundown
For there's not the greatest view.
Daytime is my time to ride
With more to see and do.

But now I'm on this long dark road
Where n'ere a light is seen.
The darkness unforgiving
My headlight the only beam.

Here comes a narrow bridge
That's really tough to cross.
Just punch that throttle to the limit
And show 'em who's the boss.

It's time I'd better head back home
For it will soon be dawn.
If I'm not back before she wakes
She'll know that I've been gone.

Back home now safe and sound
I hurry to my room.
If I can just get back in bed
I'll have escaped my doom.

Just as I'm about to enter
A welcome snooze and snore
My eyes just pop wide open
As I awake on my bedroom floor.

R. Riecke Gernon
June 15, 2024


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