Conner and the Clone Machine

“I think it’s ready.” For two years, Conner and his friend Jeremy were spending their spare time on their newest invention: The Clone Machine. Consisting of many well thought out components, they felt like the time and hard work would pay off. The Clone Machine would be used on many objects for the convenience ofDisplay

Bill and the Boom Box Rocket

Bill and the Boom Box Rocket Once upon a time there lived a boy named Bill, who always dreamed of flying to the moon. One summer evening when Bill was trying to go to sleep, he was bothered by his big brother Ron. Ron was playing his new boom box too loud. The only wayDisplay

B Bradley the Inventor

B Bradley the Inventor Last year, we got a new kid in our class. His name is “B Bradley.” We really didn’t notice him much until last summer. I am on the same swim team as B. Every morning, we have swimming practice at 7:30. That is just too early. Our coach is very firm–noDisplay

Lenny the Flying Inventor

Once upon a time there was a funny guy named Lenny. ¬†Lenny was an inventor. He invented all kinds of contraptions. His house looked like a mess, but he had some really cool things. One day Lenny decided he wanted to fly. “I am going to invent some wings and fly,” Lenny told his friendDisplay

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