Mitty's Surprise

Shelly Morris

Mitty the Kitty opened her lazy green eyes and yawned. The sun was rising and it was going to be a beautiful day. She stood on her tip toes and stretched. Her black fur shimmered in the sunlight. She licked her white paws. She was proud of her special colors. It appeared that she was wearing mittens. Her children had named her Mittens but called her "Mitty" for short. Her white whiskers wiggled as she enjoyed the smells of morning.

Suddenly Bob and Betty Bumble Bee buzzed by. "Wake up Mitty!" said Bob.

"The flowers are blooming, the flowers are blooming," announced Betty. They both buzzed loudly around Mitty's ears. Mitty made friends with everyone. Some of her friends were very different from her but this only made them more interesting to Mitty.

"I see them," she answered. "Aren't they lovely?" Mitty loved the smell of flowers. They tickled her whiskers. Spring was her favorite time of year. The whole backyard was full of life renewing itself. She began walking around the house. Bob and Betty followed her, buzzing all the way. "Are the children out?" she asked.

"No, but I saw them through the window eating breakfast, breakfast," answered Betty.

Mitty found her favorite, shady spot near the door and lay down. "I think I'll just wait here for my breakfast," cooed Mitty.

"Well, we have work to do," said Bob.

"Busy, busy, busy. See you later Mitty," Betty shouted as they buzzed away. Mitty closed her eyes and began to purr. She loved her friends and family. And she had the best backyard in the whole world. Yes, she was a lucky Kitty.

Just then, the door flew open. A rambunctious six year old boy came thundering out. He patted Mitty on the head, then filled Mitty's bowl all the way to the top with food, spilling some on the floor. She meowed her thanks. Looking up at him she noticed that he was getting bigger and bigger every day.

Suddenly the smaller boy stumbled out. He was two years old. Mitty knew he loved her. He even meowed like her, although she was never just sure of what he was saying. He bent over and rubbed her ears as she ate. He even picked up the pieces of spilled food and put them into her bowl. He meowed and then bounced away. They were such special children.

As Mitty finished her breakfast, she heard, "Tweet, tweet. It's just not fair," Rita the Robin squeaked. Mitty smiled up at her as she flew overhead. Rita the Robin was one of Mitty's dearest friends. She lived in the old oak tree in Mitty's backyard. Most kitties and birds did not get along. But Mitty was a special kitty and she enjoyed her unusual friends. Mitty licked her paws. "I have to hunt for my breakfast," Rita continued. Mitty knew there were plenty of fat juicy worms around the house.

"I will help you hunt for worms," Mitty began. "It will be an adventure." So Mitty dashed around the grass and bushes. Rita tip toed around following Mitty. They were a funny sight. Then Mitty spotted a small puddle of water. "Over there," she shouted as she ran towards the water. Rita scooped down and snatched up a wiggly worm into her beak. Then she ate two more. "Do you feel better now?"

"Oh, yes! You sure do have an eye for worms," she thanked her friend. They both lay near the cool water and relaxed enjoying the quiet peacefulness of the day.

Suddenly a loud SSSHHHHH sound echoed through the sky. Mitty jumped to her feet. "What was that?" she shouted. Then the sound came again, SSSHHHHH.

"The clouds are falling," Rita proclaimed. SSSHHHHH it sounded again. "Help, help!" Rita flew around in circles not knowing where to hide. The SSSHHHHH sound grew louder. Rita flew down to Mitty and snuggled close to her friend. Mitty could feel the small robin trembling with fear. Mitty hugged her tightly, feeling her own heart racing. Just then Bob and Betty Bumble Bee buzzed over to them. SSSHHHHH rang through the clouds again.

"What is it? Bob questioned.

"I don't know," Mitty answered. She felt as though she may cry. The sound was so odd and unfamiliar. And it was growing louder, SSSHHHHH.

"Oh my, oh my, maybe it's a bad storm," Betty observed. All four friends gazed around the sky. Winds were blowing calmly and the sky was clear and blue.

"It doesn't look like stormy weather," Mitty pointed out. Rita still pressed against her. SSSHHHHH the sound echoed again. Then the sound of children shouting began. Bob and Betty took cover underneath a nearby bush. "Oh dear, what can it be?" Mitty and her friends exclaimed. Mitty put her paws over her eyes hoping the strange sound would drift away as quickly as it had come.

SSSHHHHH the sound was almost on top of them now. "Look Mitty, look!" shouted Rita.

"For goodness sakes," Bob buzzed.

"Great gigantic balls of fire, balls of fire!" Betty proclaimed.

Mitty peaked out from behind her paws. SSSHHHHH the noise was here, in her own backyard. She squinted her eyes and to her astonishment, saw a huge hot air balloon drifting over her house. It was spectacular. Laughing children came running after it. It had red, yellow, and blue stripes with a basket underneath. Two people were riding in it, waving and throwing candy to the children below. SSSHHHHH the funny sound was loud again, but not frightening anymore. It was almost a funny sound. Mitty looked at Rita. "It's wonderful, isn't it?"

"Oh yes," Rita said. "It's quite breathtaking." They continued to hug each other. Bob and Betty stared at the enormous balloon, then gave each other a quick buzz kiss.

"Thank heavens," Bob said with relief showing in his voice. "Got to go. Work to do, flowers to visit." Then they buzzed off happily.

Mitty and Rita enjoyed the spectacle. The balloon hovered over their backyard. All the children from the neighborhood were there. Mitty saw her older boy picking up candy as fast as he could. The smaller boy shouted, "Balloon, Balloon," and he pointed to the enormous sight. Slowly it made it's way over the trees and out of sight with a faint SSSHHHHH. The children disappeared into the house. And all was back to normal in the happy backyard.

Mitty and Rita relaxed and walked back over to the small puddle of water for a drink. "What a day," Mitty said. "I must admit I was a little scared." She was very thirsty and lapped up the water swiftly.

"Yes, I was too," said Rita. "It was an incredible sight. The children really loved it. I hope I get to see another one some day. But the next time I won't be scared. I learned a new sound today."

"Me too." Mitty cleaned her paws and the two friends found a quiet spot underneath the old oak tree. "We have food, water, fun, and adventure right here in our own backyard. We must be the two luckiest animals in the world." Mitty purred. They both closed their eyes and took a rest. It had been a long, exciting day and it was only noon. Who knew what challenging events the rest of the day held for the two friends? Yes, a good nap was definitely in order.


Copyright 1997


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