Wizard Bobo's Castle

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera

The castle stood on a tall mountain and seemed to be trying to touch the sky. It was a dark, gloomy castle and it belonged to the wizard, Bobo. He hated it.

He wished it was a pretty and welcoming castle, one that would not frighten away everyone. He had no friends because they were all afraid of where he lived.

One day when he was walking in the village, several young children came to him and one said, “Wizard Bobo, we would like to be your friend, but we don't like your castle.”

“I don't like it either,” €the wizard said sadly. “But what can I do about it?”

“You could paint it.”

“You could plant flowers along the path and around it.” “You could open the windows and let the sun in.”

He considered all these suggestions and then nodded gladly. “Yes, I will do all that.” “Thank you, children.” “And will you visit me once its done?”

“Oh yes, we will.” They said together.

So Wizard Bobo set off to his castle. He stood before it and considered what he should do. Once he had decided, he waved his magic wand and said a few magic words and then looked in delight at what he had done.

A sparkling white castle with blue windows and doors now stood before him. Flowers grew all along the path and right up to the front door. The sun shone brightly on the new paint and birds and butterflies flew close to it.

Even Wizard Bobo felt happier and brighter and he quickly went inside to change that too. Cheerful colors soon appeared on the walls within as well, and he was very happy. Fresh air blew in through the open windows, birds sang outside, and the sun peeped in cheerfully.

He walked back to the village to call the children to visit his beautiful castle.

© 2011 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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