Unity is strength

Hitha Sathyan

The Sticks
Once in a kingdom, there were two boys named Tom and Robert. They lived on a farm. Robert was the elder brother. They would always fight. When their father buys something for Tom, Robert would get angry and fight and vice versa.

One day their father decided to have a competition. There was a bundle of sticks. “The one who breaks the bundle of sticks gets a bar of chocolate” their father said. Robert was the first one. He tried his best but he could not break it. Tom was next. He tried his best but he could not too. Their father asked the boys to break the bunch of sticks together. They replied “It’s worth giving it a shot.” The boys were shocked. They actually broke the bundle. They were really happy and they got a chocolate bar each. They apologized to each other. They understood that unity is strength. They decided that they would never fight again, but would stay and help each other. They lived happily ever after.


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