Milkshake, the Magical Pony


One Friday night, Amy and Izzy arrived with a new pony - Milkshake. Milkshake was a black and white spotted pony with a gorgeous black mane and an amazingly silky, white tail. He was going to share a paddock with Gwilly, the ‘Daddy’ of the place; and Rudy, a rather charming pony. After checking that the fences were upright, locked and secure, Amy and Izzy made their way back to their mint-green car (a mini).

Alone at last, Milkshake started to talk to Gwilly and Rudy. Confused and a little bit scared, the horses didn’t know where the sound was coming from. Finally, Milkshake revealed himself; they were shocked but cheerful. After that, Milkshake broke out of the paddock to the sand arena and jumped the very highest the ponies had ever seen!


The ponies were stunned and surprised at Milkshake’s incredible talent. Excitedly, Gwilly and Rudy galloped up to Milkshake and said, “Can you teach us how to jump please?” The next day, they were all talking enthusiastically about the lesson last night and how much they enjoyed it. They trained all day, every day. Gwilly was jumping so high and Rudy was getting more confident, until unfortunately, the charming little pony Rudy broke his leg…. (awwwww)

Even though Rudy had broken his leg, it didn’t stop him from cheering Gwilly on with his jumping. Gwilly was becoming so good that he was jumping on number 10 (that was the highest the yard had ever seen a pony jump!). “Well done Gwilly!” shouted Rudy, “you’re being fabulous!” Gwilly was doing so well because Milkshake was a great teacher; he even went to his first show with Amy – his talented rider! Although he tried his best, he knocked the last pole down. He still received second place (Amy was so proud of ‘The Daddy’!).

Milkshake heard a sobbing sound and went to investigate. He found Rudy crying. He asked, “Why are you crying and not jumping with your friend?” Rudy replied, “My leg is still hurting.“ Milkshake gave Rudy the most enormous hug in the world and waited for Rudy to get up. Rudy was astonished when he was able to stand; Milkshake had magical powers! “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve never met a magical pony before!”

Amazingly, Gwilly and Amy went on to win all of their jumping contests that they ever entered. Also Rudy, who was grateful that his leg was a lot better, and Izzy went on to win all dressage competitions. None of this could have been achieved if Milkshake hadn’t come to the yard. The horses really appreciated it all. Last Tuesday was the final time the ponies saw Milkshake at the yard; he moved onto other yards to use his magical powers to help other horses. Thankfully, the ponies still saw their teacher (Milkshake) at cross-country horse events.

By Amy Wilks


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