Hard Decision

Emma Marie B.

There was a Siberian husky, her name was Siberia. She had two friends. One was a Chihuahua, her name was Chichi. Her other friend was a Golden Retriever, her name was Goldie. She had fun with her friend

One day Siberia and Goldie were going for a walk Chichi came by. She saw them walking together Chichi doesn’t like that. Chichi pushed Goldie in the bush. Siberia barked, “stop.” Goldie liked Chichi as a friend, but Chichi doesn’t. Goldie was injured in the bush.

Siberia asked, “Why did you push Goldie.”

Chichi said, “I don’t like Goldie she is mean to me so I don’t want you to hang out with her.”

Siberia said, “She is very kind to me.”

“Fine,” said Chichi and ran off.

Goldie said, “You shouldn’t hang out with her.” “You have to pick her or me.”

“Now,” replied Siberia.

“No,” said Goldie.

They ran off to the arcade. Siberia wasn’t having much fun she was having a hard decision. Goldie was mad at Chichi for trying to take her friend. Siberia thought if she got them to be friends she wouldn’t have to choose. She had a plan. Siberia would invite them over to her house but they wouldn’t know that the other person is coming.

The next day Siberia invited them over. One came in the back door and the other in the front. Siberia sat them down. Chichi said, “What is Goldie doing here.”

“I invited you both over” said Siberia. They keep on fighting and fighting.

2 hours later

Siberia was surprised that they got along with each other. So they went on lots of trips together and never fought again. They were friends forever.

The End


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