The 2 Princess and the Prince


Once upon a time in a beautiful galaxy called Holburn, there lived 2 princesses and a prince. The princesses were named Rainbow and Star and the prince was named Sunshine. One day they got together to hatch a plan to surprise their beautiful mother called Queen B on Mother’s Day. They agreed with each other that this was to be a surprise and no one should tell anyone about it...shssss..not even their dad King B. They saved some money for cards and coloring pencils and started their surprise. Rainbow drew a dazzling picture with the most Hossanious words. Star drew an Glow-rius picture with some scrumptious words. Sunshine drew a magnificent picture with Elyonic words. On Mother’s Day when mother was a bit sleepy, they slowly sneaked into her bedroom. They looked at each other and counted 12345 and together shouted “surrrpprriiseee” . Mother jumped out of bed terrified, then she saw her beautiful cards with the sweetest words for Mother’s Day. Ohhh she cried tears of joy she hugged them she kissed them she cuddled them and said “this is the best Mother’s Day ever ever ever. And they lived happily thereafter.


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