Dev’s Favourite Milkshake

One day, Dev was very thirsty. He wanted a milkshake. He asked his guild to take him to the shops to get the ingredients for his milkshake. “What flavour milkshake do you want, Dev?” Asked his guild. “I want a Oreo milkshake, please, guild!” Replied Dev. Dev’s guild pulled out a list. On that listDisplay

The Fish and Chip Shop

Try not to feel hungry as you read all about a yummy fish and chips meal! You can find more free books at

Paying a visit

On a sunny afternoon Trilili says: “I think I’ll go and see Tralala.” On the way to Tralala, Trilili meets Trololo. “Hello Trololo,” shouts Trilili. “Good afternoon, Trilili,” says Trololo. “Where do you go to?”, asks Trilili. “Me? I am going to see Tralala,” answers Trololo. “What a coincidence, I am on my way toDisplay

Dr. Skinner and Hungry Pigeon

Dr. Skinner is a very nice and polite man, he has a very good friend, Bob. Bob is a gray pigeon with green eyes and red feet. One day, Bob and Dr. Skinner had a bad fight, Bob yelled at Dr. Skinner, “I don’t like you, I don’t want to play with you anymore”, andDisplay

Lottie and the Fabulous Whale.

It was a fine sunny day. Lottie and her dog Max were in their beach hut. As they sat Lottie’s mind wandered and she looked out to sea. There, in the distance, she saw the large bulky of a huge whale. All of a sudden it blew a fountain from it blow hole. To herDisplay

Wake up on time in time

Son, this story I am about to tell you is of a young boy who didn't listen to his parents near bedtime. “Mum, what are we going to have for breakfast?” Asked the little boy. “We are going to have lunch for breakfast,” answered his mum. Then a little while later the young boy asked:Display


The death of a spouse leaves her lonely which canbe fatal hence the spouse is no more and physically absence to avoid the death and loneliness she look for a new love but that isn't always easy the widow's love remains and even grow her adoration for her first partner never truly goes away sheDisplay

A Tom Girl

Mr. Geary Smith 119 Kollman Mexia, Texas 76667 (254) 562-2720 E-mail: A “Tom Girl” “Somer, it time to go to Big Momma’s house!” shouted her baby brother. “Come on, it is time to go!” Every summer for two week, Somer and her baby brother would go to their grandmother’s house in the country. SomerDisplay

Lottie and the Confused Little Bear

Lottie was lonely. Lottie needed someone to hang out with. So she talked to her Dad and he said they could get a dog. He knew that a local kennel had some to spare so that's where they went, up the hill to Boondocks Farm. Boondocks Farm was a lovely little place. It had onceDisplay

The Clam Said, Ouch!

THE CLAM SAID, OUCH! “LOOKIT!” Adam shouted. Frosty edges rode the top of huge waves, like a parade of small hills heading for the ocean beach. “Too high,” three-year old Colin giggled. “No, they’re not!” Adam said. He was seven, so he should know. “Follow me,” he ordered. Colin did. “Aren’t you glad we broughtDisplay


By Paula Moore Once upon a time there was a smart little hamster named Hamilton. He lived in a butcher shop owned by a man named Mr. Roman. Mr. Roman didn’t pay much attention to Hamilton. Hamilton had no cage – he went anywhere in the shop he pleased. Mr. Roman would put out someDisplay

The Lion and a Mouse

One day a mouse was in search of food in the forest. While searching it came near the den of a lion and smelt something very good. Guided by the smell, it went inside the den and found several pieces of meat of an animal that was eaten by the lion. The mouse ate quiteDisplay

Lenny the Flying Inventor

Once upon a time there was a funny guy named Lenny.  Lenny was an inventor. He invented all kinds of contraptions. His house looked like a mess, but he had some really cool things. One day Lenny decided he wanted to fly. “I am going to invent some wings and fly,” Lenny told his friendDisplay

Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away A long time ago, when I was eight, dad took me fishing. It was in April, the first day of fishing season in northern Quebec. And I didn’t care if it was cold, or if there was still snow on the ground. “Help me find my warm boots?” I asked. AndDisplay


UGG . . . YAAK “OOPS!” came quick as a thunderbolt. “Sorry” said Matt after slamming his neighbor’s car door. And finally, “Thanks Mr. Lawrence, for taking me fishing!” “Mom! Dad!” he shouted as faces showed from the second floor window. He jiggled his fishing creel with five speckled trout. “Mom! Dad!” he repeated. HisDisplay

William Wobbles McGreet & His Ten Bowls of Wheat

William Wobbles McGreet & His Ten Bowls of Wheat William Wobbles McGreet measured 3.4 feet, and yet he felt strong and tall and not at all small, his confidence you could not beat. Young William McGreet would every day eat ten bowlfuls of shredded, dry wheat and he felt that this habit was the reason,Display

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