Eden, my dearest friend!

Vânia Azevedo

Once upon a time there was a wealthy family called The Smiths. They lived in a very big and comfortable mansion just like a castle. The house had a beautiful garden with many smelly red roses. These flowers were planted in honour of Mr. Smith’s wife, Emma, and they also had a little girl called Rose who was loved and given everything she wanted.

One day the Smiths decided to clean up the attic and throw away some old things they had in it. Among the old objects there was a teddy bear, a very old one full of dust and without an eye. The Smiths didn’t care and quickly got rid of the teddy bear. After hours cleaning all up Mr. and Mrs. Smith decided to take a nap. Meanwhile Rose was feeling upset and she was fed up of being at home playing always with the same toys. Although they were very modern, beautiful and educative, she needed something more personal and special. Once annoyed, Rose decided to go outside and play hide and seek who knows with her dog Brutus.

The little girl was playing full of joy, running from one place to another when suddenly she notices the teddy bear and all the other old objects her parents had put in there with the aim of getting rid of everything. Rose felt sorry for the poor teddy bear. He seemed so lonely and hurt that she decided to pick him up.

- “Mummy! Look what I’ve found. ” – said Rose.

- “Where did you find it Rosie? Your father and I threw it away. ” – Mrs. Smith answered.

- “I’ve found it outside. I thought he was so said that…”

- “Don’t be silly my dear daughter!

It’s just an ugly and dirty teddy bear!

Throw it away now!” – the mummy said angrily.

Rose went outside pretending she was throwing the teddy bear away but instead she treated him. She made him some new clothes, sewed his eye and put a smile on his face. He wasn’t scruffy any more; he was now a very cute teddy bear and he even had a name. Rose decided to call him Eden because he was found in the garden and she remembered a story her mummy had told her once about the Garden of Eden.

She hugged Eden tight and promised he would never be abandoned again. Now she felt really happy and she also had won a best friend with whom she could play whenever and wherever she wanted.

The parents ended up letting her bringing Eden home and they also noticed that the most important weren’t those expensive and beautiful toys they offered her; what really matters is friendship and simplicity.

Therefore they lived happily ever after with one more member in the family: Eden Teddy Bear.

© 2008 VâniaAzevedo


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