Mitty's New Friend

Shelly Morris

Mitty the Kitty knelt down. She dug her sharp claws into the ground and wiggled her behind. She was ready to pounce. Her friend Buddy the Butterfly was sipping water from a small puddle near Mitty's house. He was unaware that she wanted to play. Then quick as the wind Mitty pounced on top of Buddy.

"Boo friend!" she cooed, as she held Buddy carefully in her paws.

"Oh Mitty you are so silly. You really scared me." He carefully crawled out of her grasp and flew to sit on the top of her nose.

Mitty looked cross eyed as she watched him shake out his wings. "Your wings are so magnificent. And you fly so gracefully." Mitty was truly in awe of her interesting friend.

"Oh thank you Mitty," Buddy began. "Well . . . I'll see you around. I'm having a picnic with Becky the Butterfly who lives in the yard next door. Bye." And he flew swiftly away.

Mitty strolled to the back porch of her home. The six year old boy came out the door. He reached in his pocket and produced a large slice of turkey. "Here ya' go girl." He rubbed her back, then ran quickly away as he opened his candy bar. Mitty loved turkey. "Yummy, what a treat," Mitty thought as she quickly ate her lunch.

The mommy opened the door. Mitty ran to greet her. She was a nice lady. Whenever it was going to rain she would call Mitty into the house. Mitty rubbed against her leg and began to purr. Mitty wondered where the little fellow was. He was always with his mommy. Then Mitty heard a strange sound. 'Choo Choo' echoed through the air. Then the sweet, smaller boy ran into the room. He was carrying a noisy toy. He immediately petted Mitty's nose. The mommy brought a large glass of water outside and poured it into Mitty's bowl. Mitty ran to drink the sparkling water and the Mommy and boy went back inside. Mitty had a wonderful family. She was thankful for them everyday!

"Hey, tweet, tweet, what have you been up to?" Mitty looked up to see her good pal Rita the Robin. "I'm just having a cool drink. It's nice to see you today. I've been pouncing," Mitty answered. "Oh, well, don't pounce on me. I played that game with you a few days ago and my wings are still sore."

Just then, Bob and Betty Bumble Bee flew by. "We're having lunch in the tulips today," Bob proclaimed. "Hello, good bye," Betty said as they buzzed away.

Mitty laid down on the patio and Rita perched beside her. It was a sunny, peaceful day in their own backyard. There were so many special friends who lived here. Then Rita spotted something strange. "Mitty, Mitty, I saw something, at the corner of the house. I'm off to the oak tree. It may not be safe." Rita flew hastily to the tree. Mitty felt a little nervous. She tip toed to the corner of the house. "What could it be," she wondered. As she peaked around the corner, she was very surprised.

"Good afternoon." A slim, solid colored lady kitty sat staring at Mitty.

"Oh, hello," Mitty answered. "I'm Mitty. What is your name?"

"They call me Gidget. My family and I just moved in two doors down. I came to extend greetings to you." Mitty watched her. She was so refined and charming. But Rita flew over and she scowled at her.

"That is my friend, Rita," Mitty explained to her.

"You are friends with birds?" Gidget asked as she squinched up her nose.

"Oh, yes, we play together everyday." Mitty told her.

"Kitten, you need to grow up a little. Frolicking with birds is not ladylike."

Mitty listened carefully to her. She didn't really agree with her but she decided to keep quiet.

"Let me show you around the backyard." Mitty insisted. Gidget strolled thoughtfully through the grass. "What lovely red tulips," she pointed out.

"What is red?" Mitty asked.

Gidget glared at her. "Red is the color, you silly kitten. Don't you know your colors?" she asked. Mitty felt silly. Gidget was so smart and grown up.

"No, I don't know my colors. Will you teach me?" Mitty sat down thoughtfully.

"I would be pleased to teach you. You see everything in color, tint or shade. See those tulips are red." Just then Bob and Betty Bumble Bee came buzzing out.

"Hi Mitty, want to play, play?" Betty asked. Gidget wiggled her whiskers at her.

"We are learning about colors here. Mitty cannot play right now. Now, please leave us," Gidget instructed. Bob and Betty buzzed sadly away. Mitty thought Gidget had been rude to her friends but she decided not to say anything. "Your small friends were yellow and black." Then she pointed to the sky. "The sky is blue and the puffy clouds are white. I am all white," she informed Mitty.

"What colors am I?" Mitty asked her.

"You are black with white feet and tummy. You also have white whiskers." Mitty strutted and wiggled her tail for Gidget. She was proud of her special colors. Gidget laughed. "The grass is green. The trees in your yard have green leaves. Your bird friend is brown." Just then Buddy the Butterfly flew up.

"Hi Mitty, who's your new friend?" he asked.

"Gidget, I would like to introduce you to my friend Buddy. What color is he?" Mitty asked. Buddy flapped his wings happily awaiting her reply.

Gidget took a deep breath. She seemed annoyed with all the interruptions. "He is orange and black."

"Wow," Mitty exclaimed. "You're orange and black. I am black, too." Buddy flew around and around Gidget.

"Leave me alone, you big fly," she hissed at him. Mitty was startled. Buddy flew away. Mitty knew she had to console her friend. He was a lovely butterfly not a big old fly. He would take the insult to heart.

"Gidget, I'd better be going now. Thank you so much for teaching me all about colors. You are a very smart cat. I hope you can come over again sometime. Bye, now!" Mitty ran to the old oak tree where her friends were gathering. Gidget strolled elegantly away.

Bob and Betty Bumble Bee and Rita the Robin formed a circle around Buddy the Butterfly. Mitty hurried over. She could tell Buddy was very upset.

"Buddy, buddy you have spectacular colors. You are orange and black. Isn't that wonderful?" He made a sad face.

"She called me a 'big fly,'" he whimpered.

"You are a handsome, dazzling, flawless, orange and black butterfly. And you are my friend. You will always be special to me," Mitty assured him.

"Yes, you're splendid," Rita interjected.

"Oh, you are, you are," Betty agreed. They all smiled. Mitty raised her ears and swished her tail.

"I learned about colors today. The sky is blue. The clouds are white. My tummy and feet are white. My back is black and some of Buddy's special markings are black. The grass is green. Rita you are brown. Bob and Betty, you guys are black and yellow. The tulips are red. We will be the most knowledgeable animals in the backyard. And we can teach the others. What a great day!"

Mitty's friends laughed and shouted "Hooray, Hooray!"

Suddenly, Rita spotted Gidget peaking around the corner of the house. "Look, Mitty, it's that unfeeling cat!" They all turned to see her.

"She must not have any friends. She looks very lonely and sad." Mitty noticed. "I'll go talk to her." Mitty rushed over to her. "Hi, Gidget. What's wrong?"

"I'd like to talk to your friends, if I could, please." She asked cautiously.

"O.K.," Mitty answered. They both pranced over to the old oak tree. "Here's Gidget you guys. She's the one who taught me all about colors. She is so smart."

Gidget raised her paw. "I'd like to apologize for being rude to you all. I learned something today, too. Mitty here taught me that I should be considerate of all creatures big or small. And that the way to make friends is to be polite to others. I'm sorry I was abrupt. I'd like to be friends with all of you. Please accept my apology." All the animals gazed around at each other. But Buddy spoke first.

"We accept your apology. I know it's hard to move to a new neighborhood with new animals. We are all very different here in our neighborhood but we are all the best of friends."

Mitty smiled. She was proud of Buddy for understanding. Bob and Betty buzzed happily. Rita smiled at Mitty. Gidget was truly sincere.

Welcome to the neighborhood Gidget. I'll bet there are so many things a smart kitty like you could teach us," Mitty exclaimed.

"Yes," she smiled. "And if I pay attention, I think I could learn a lot from you and your friends, too." Gidget insisted. Mitty and Gidget shared a gentle hug. New friends were an adventure in themselves.


Copyright 1997 Shelly Gail Morris


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