The Four Jungle Friends

Aanya Sharma
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The Four Jungle Friends
By Aanya Sharma

One upon a time, lived four friends in a jungle. Rory, a lion; Bonny, a bear; Manu, a monkey and Jeffy, a giraffe! Manu was very naughty, while Rory was always protective towards his friends. Bonny was silly and always fell into problems, while Jeffy was very wise. The four friends met each other every day by the lake, and they loved to play together.

One day, poachers came to know about the animals in the jungle. They wanted to catch the animals and sell them to a circus. Their plan was to capture them one by one. They came to the jungle and lay a trap. Unfortunately, Bonny got fell in the trap. The poachers were very happy and took the bear away in a truck.

When the friends met by the lake the next day, they found that Bonny was missing. Rory sensed something was wrong. He roared loudly. All animals in the jungle got scared, but there was no sign of Bonny. Just then, Jeffy got an idea. He climbed on a hill and stretched his long neck over the trees, and saw the truck. He told Manu where the poachers were. Manu swung through the trees in the jungle to follow the truck. On the way, he dropped fruits from various trees to make a trail for Rory to follow. Rory ran as fast as he could to save his friend!

Soon, Rory was in front of the truck. He growled! The poachers were frightened. Manu climbed on a banana tree and started throwing bananas at the poachers. The driver lost control and the truck slipped on the banana peels, and overturned. Bonny fell out of the truck. Rory jumped on the poachers and hurt them with his sharp claws. The poachers ran away, never to return. Together, the friends rescued Bonny. They were happy to be together again!

The End.


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