My Imaginary Unicorn

Anya Kachela

If I were a princess I would ride a unicorn. It would be called Glisten and she would be my best friend forever. We would go and explore tropical islands together every month. We would eat rainbow coloured ice cream with pink and violet sprinkles.

The thing with unicorns is, they’re very precious and you have to be fully trained to have one. They are one of the hardest animals to get hold of and they belong in mythical stories. Everybody wants a unicorn!

If a crooked old witch were to come to my town, she would steal Glisten and have a timer, which would tell her when to turn Glisten into a pig. I would be the brave princess coming to save her, but I would ask my reliable servant for some help.

Together we would climb up the tower and save Glisten, but if the witch were to try and stop us, we would turn her into a big, fat pig. Glisten, my servant and I would become the best of friends and we would live happily ever after.


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