The Spiked Wall

Sharmila Roy Ghosal

It was an evening the animals had gathered in the middle of the forest to celebrate Sunny the rabbit’s birthday. Mona deer had arranged for a big table on which all the food that Sunny’s mother had prepared and sent was laid. There were sandwiches, tarts, patties, and a lot more food. At the centre of the table there was a big chocolate cake.
The friends decided to first hold hands and circle around the table, and then Sunny would cut the cake. When the animals stepped back away from the table in order to hold hands, Charlie the monkey sitting on the tree climbed down, picked up the cake, and scampered up the tree.
Everyone was too shocked to react, it was when Sunny started to cry that everyone realised the situation, but there was nothing they could do. Charlie sat on the tree and devoured the entire cake.
The animals were all fed up with Charlie and his antics. He would uproot plants in gardens, rob trees of their fruits, use a stick to enlarge a beehive and take out the honeycomb. Enough was enough, the animals decided that Charlie should learn a lesson.
It was in the afternoon, the animals gathered in Mona deer’s house and made a plan to punish Charlie. Teddy the bear who was a wizard at making steel objects decided to help and so did Woody the woodpecker.
It was at night, and Charlie felt hungry, there was nothing to eat. Most of the fruit trees had been covered with plastic sheets. He yearned for some bananas.
Swinging from tree to tree in search of fruits, especially bananas, Charlie was surprised to see Mona the deer’s garden uncovered. The banana tree full of bananas did not have any plastic sheet on it as did all trees in different gardens where fruits had ripened.
Charlie smacked his lips, there was no one in sight. No light was shining in Mona’s house. Nimbly he alighted on the garden wall, a cry escaped his lips as his skin was bruised by sharp steel spikes made by Teddy held together by sticky tape with gum brought in by Woody the woodpecker from the Eucalyptus tree.

Crying in pain, Charlie fell off the wall into the garden near the banana tree, only to be attacked by a dozen leeches waiting for him. His screams rent the air, and in the meantime, all the animals waiting in Mona deer’s house gathered around him, and it was Sunny the rabbit who implored Mona leech to ask her companions to stop.
Charlie had learned his lesson, he asked for forgiveness and promised to turn a new leaf.


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