monsters all around

Ananya Prasanna

Monsters All Around – By Ananya Prasanna
Honk! Honk! The monster’s bellow could be heard everywhere! I walked on the sidewalk, trying to overlook the deafening yells. There were these gigantic monsters everywhere. Their evil eyes seemed to engulf the darkness around. Their mouths seemed to have an eternal smile ready to gobble up anyone who comes their way. They seemed to spare no one, humans, birds animals etc. I try to outdistance them, but there are so many of them, that it seems almost impossible to go through them without stumbling on one. Can anyone please help me escape them!! Well pet monsters are okay. They don’t honk too much and they are of manageable sizes.
Then to my great joy I saw my mistress walk calmly out of the house, giving me a loving look. My pleasure was only short-lived because the next moment I saw her walk right into the mouth of the monster. Doesn’t she fear it? How brave of her to do so! I don’t know if others are as fearless as she is. Anyway how am I supposed to know, I stay in my kennel for the most part of the day only to venture out for a small stroll at 6 in the evening. But that doesn’t stop me from meeting the monsters! And now when her frail body entered the monster, I started wondering if she was trying to kill herself or was she trying to test her power by fighting with it. The latter seemed to be more probable since she had nothing to feel bad about.
The monster then started rumbling as if pumping up energy to put up a brave fight. It was then that it dawned on me that I had already started missing my mistress like never before. Boo Hoo! I wish I could see her lovely eyes staring at me ...The loving stokes that she gives me, the rewards that she gives when I fetch her, her ball. They were all reminiscences that clouded my mind . Then a sudden anger griped me. How dare the monster attempts to snatch the only person so close to my heart. I was supposed to be her sole guardian. I decided not to let her down. I jumped right in front of the monster, growling to challenge it. The monster gave out a loud honk that rooted me from the ground, but this time, I did not let my fear overpower me. I stood there right in front of it. I then heard the second honk, then the third one and then there was no stopping it. I took time to take a side view just to realise that now a whole army of monsters were honking at me. How it managed to collect so many of its friends at such a short notice, I wondered. I did not want to be called a coward, so I stood my ground. It was a do or die situation for me. I mustered all my strength and jumped at it with all my might, my eyes blazing with anger. To my utter surprise the monster seemed to give in. It stopped giving the rumbling sound and opened its wide mouth to set my mistress free, unscathed. My joy knew no bounds when my mistress walked out of the car with an angelic smile on her face. She walked up to me and held me in her tender arms and stroked my ears with comforting strokes. She then started carrying me into the monster again. I started whimpering out of fear, but my mistress was constantly consoling me that this was just a car and not a monster. We st in its belly and went on a long drive, coupled with the visit to my favourite food shop called the “Bow Wow”.
This was my first rendezvous with a car. It left an indelible impression on mine and my mistress’s mind. Even now my mistress does not miss a chance to narrate this incident to all her friends and they all laugh their hearts out. I guess dogs too make mistakes, don’t they?


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