Dancing with Daddy

Geary Smith

Dancing with Daddy

“I am so bored,” said Jessica one early Sunday morning. “There is nothing fun to do around the house.”

Jessica Beth was 8 years old and very energetic ready for some fun. She tried playing inside all by herself, but after a while it was not any fun.

Jessica read to her dolls, and got on her computer, but soon that was boring.

“What else can I do for fun?” thought Jessica.

Minutes later, Jessica’s Daddy entered the room.

“Jessica why are you looking so bored?” asked her Daddy.

“It is a boring morning,” replied Jessica.

“Sure there is plenty to do for fun,” said her Daddy. “Just wait right here.”

Jessica’s Daddy went back into his bedroom and into his closet.

“What in the world is Daddy doing in his closet?” thought Jessica. “What is he looking for?”

About five minutes later, Jessica’s Daddy came back with a huge black trunk.

”What is in the trunk?” asked Jessica.

As her Daddy opened the trunk, he pulled out a black top hat, a long black cane and black tap shoes. He put them on and moved some of the furniture back for extra room.

“Now, let me show you a new dance,” said her Daddy. “This is how I used to dance when I lived and performed in New York City.”

Jessica’s Daddy looked very funny in his top hat and twirling his cane. She did not know that her Daddy knew how to sing and tap dance.

As she looked into his trunk, there were old black and white pictures of her Daddy dancing and singing in front of people. There were even pictures of her Daddy when he was little around her age.

She tried on some of the old hats that her Daddy used to wear while dancing.

“Come on Jessica, now lets dance,” said her Daddy. “Now, let me teach you one of my favorite songs.”

Hours had past with Jessica and her Daddy having the best of fun dancing and singing. Jessica even taught her Daddy one of her dances.

Hours later after having so much fun, Jessica’s Daddy said, “Now we better clean up this room before we go to Church and your mother wakes up.”

The End

©2007 Geary Smith


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