Two Sisters

Aanya Sharma

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters in a town, Jenny and Lenny. Jenny was a happy girl and very kind to everyone. Lenny, on the other hand, was always sulking and mistreated people around her. Their parents were very poor and they worked hard to fulfill the needs of the household. Jenny was satisfied with whatever they had, but Lenny always asked for more. Jenny asked her sister to be kind to other people, but Lenny wouldn’t listen to her.

One day, while playing outside, the two girls drifted far from home, and reached near the woods. An old woman came to Jenny and asked her to help her to carry a heavy box to her house into the woods. Though Jenny was scared at first to go inside the woods, she decided to help the woman who appeared too weak to carry a heavy box all by herself.

When Jenny reached the old woman’s house, the woman thanked her and
asked Jenny to choose anything for herself in return. But Jenny did not want anything from the old woman. She was worried about her sister Lenny who was waiting for her. Seeing Jenny’s kindness, the old woman revealed her true self, she was a fairy! She promised Jenny to grant her a wish whenever Jenny wanted to. Jenny promised the fairy that she wouldn’t tell anyone about her. She went back home with her sister.

After a few days, the two sisters were playing near the woods again. This time, an old woman appeared and asked Lenny to help her carry a big box to her house in the woods. “Why are you disturbing me? Why did you bring such a heavy box if you can’t carry it yourself?”, shouted Lenny rudely at the old woman. Jenny politely asked Lenny to help her as she was in need. Lenny agreed, but she was very disgruntled. She dropped the box at the old woman’s house. The woman asked her to choose something for herself in return for the help.

Lenny picked all the beautiful dolls and toys at the woman’s house for herself. Seeing this, the woman revealed her true self, she was a witch! And she cast a spell on greedy Lenny that she would be ugly and diseased. Lenny cried for forgiveness, but the witch wouldn’t reverse her spell.

When Jenny came to know what had happened, she remembered about the
fairy and her wish. She called the fairy to grant her a wish to turn her sister Lenny back into her former self. The Fairy granted Jenny’s wish. Lenny learnt her lesson to never be greedy and rude to others!

The End.


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