Princess and Evil



Once upon a time, in a faraway land lived a King and Queen with 7 daughters. The eldest was 17 and was called Vanessa, the second eldest was 16 and called India, then came the twins Kareshka and Dandy, (they called her Dandy Brush for fun) who where 15. Next came Alexandra, the cleverest of them all and 14 years old. And the youngest was Brianna who was 13. They all lived a huge castle with towers and battlements bigger than any in the world. The towers were 7 and in each one, one of the princesses slept.

But one stormy night Brianna could not get to sleep. The rain crashed on her window and shew could hear the wind roaring in the distance. So she got up and pulled on her fluffy cream dressing gown and opened her bedroom door.

The whole castle seemed to be sleeping and the spindly stairs that connected the tower with the rest of the castle were swallowed up by darkness. So she crept back through her room and opened a pink satin coated chest and took out a candle. She lit it with a match and then descended the stairs and came into a long corridor. It was cold and dark along here, so Brianna wrapped her dressing gown around her tighter and leaned closer to her candle.

As she walked further along the corridor she became aware of a faint green light in the library. She became intrigued and walked faster towards the library door that was wide open.

When she stepped into the library the door slammed shut after her and her candle snuffed out. Brianna wanted to scream but no noise came out. The only light now was that green light that was as bright as the sun now that she had entered the library.

And there in the cushy armchair by the fireplace sat a beautiful woman. She looked about 23 years old but like nobody Brianna had ever seen before. She had green hair and her skin had a greenish tinge to it. Even her eyes and clothes where green. She smiled when Brianna came in and said " I have been waiting many years to see you my child." and held out a hand for Brianna to take.

Brianna took it because she was enchanted by the green glow. She new neither where nor what it was coming from but it made her think of the most wonderful things, like the green lemonade cook sometimes made for her and of her favorite Quill. (a green one) and of freshly moan grass that she and her sisters loved to picnic on. And the woman, the woman reminded her of someone she had seen in a dream. A lovely lady who had helped her be reunited with her sisters after they had been ship-wrecked. But that was only a dream. This was reality. Or was it???

Brianna seemed to be hypnotized by the light and walked over to the woman in a kind of stupor. " My name is Selina the woman carried on in a soft musical voice. " After the moon."

She was now twirling a strand of Brianna's long red hair round her finger. " You will probably not know me," she said. " For I you have never truly met me. But I have met you. And I have always wanted you for my daughter. You have the most lovely hair and your beauty is outstanding. Leave your wicked parents and come with me.

You shall no longer be overcrowded by your sisters. You shall be the center of attention always..." The word "wicked" brought Brianna back to her senses for a moment and just had time to give the woman an alarmed look before the green light and mystical song that now seemed to be coming from the mists of it made everything cloudy and she no longer had the ability to think.

"Yes, your parents are wicked" Selina went on. "For they have denied you a Pegasus. Something you always wanted am I right??? And did they not tell you that Pegasuses don't exist??? Well... They do! Do you not believe me? I have one outside just for you. You shall have that and everything else you have always wanted. Only if you come with me."

Poor Brianna! The beautiful woman had hypnotized her! What else could she do but say yes???

So Selina told her to go and pack and she did. The next thing she new she was flying on a blue Pegasus high in the sky. pegasus

Her red hair whipping round her face and Selina riding a huge green Swan next to her.

At last they reached Selina's home. It was now dawn and the green glow had disappeared as soon as the sun rose over the mountains. The house took Brianna's breath away. It was a little green cottage with rainbow colored flowers blossoming everywhere Brianna looked.

There was also a little pink heart shaped gate and the door was bright red with miniature white hearts painted all over it. "Wow!" she breathed and Selina led her through the heart shaped gate and through the front door. But as soon as she stepped through the door a cage crashed down over her and hoisted her into the air.

She screamed as Selina began to change form. She changed into an hag of a woman. She had hazel matted hair that reached the floor and a big crooked nose with a mole on it. She was wearing black and grey clothes that were grubby and looked like they where made from a carpet.

And she also wore a blood red hat that had dead moths all over it. "HA HAHA!!!" she cried pointing at Brianna. " My name is not Selina you pathetic girl but Aradnea! I made you dream I reunited you with your pathetic family so felt more comfortable around me! But in the end I settled for a hypnotizing potion instead! HA HAHA!!!

And now I will transfer your beauty into me! HA! You where going to be married to the most handsome man in the land!


I saw him first! I have seen him ride past here ever since he was 6 and I was four! But he never looked twice at me!!! I have also watched you pass by too!!! We grew up together! Remember me??? The little girl from the poor family that you used to play with!!!

Well... I saw you with him one day! His name is William! And he was looking at you with such LOVE!!! I had to steal him from you! So what better thing to do than turn myself into you???

Goodbye Princess Brianna! I hope you enjoy being me! HAHAHA!!!"

And with that she started singing a song and waving her arms about. It went like this:

Mambe Danna

Mambe Danna

Turn me into Princess Brianna

Turn her into ugly old me

And let her lover start to love meeeeeeeee

It finished on a long chourus of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeees but before she could finish them William bounded into the room and cut her head off.

They got married 3 days later and everyone rejoiced and sang and a great new age began.


©2008 Sophianna Mastrosavvaki


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