The Little Frog and the Big Buffalo


One day a Little Frog happens to see a buffalo on its way to the pond and is stopped by it. The little frog got surprised.

What are you doing by jumping like this? Yelled the big buffalo at the little frog

This is how I walk responded the frog with a surprise.

You have got four legs like any other animal and why can’t you just walk? Buffalo again yelled with the same anger.

Now the little frog understood the confusion the big buffalo had and it turned upside down and asked:

Look my dear big buffalo how my legs are made. I do have four legs but the hind ones are differently made hence I can’t walk and I can only jump to cover distances.

Oh I am sorry – pleaded the big buffalo

I am really sorry for showing my anger at you without knowing the reason. I shall be your friend from now on wards and I shall carry you now to wherever you want to go. Please let me know where do you want to go – requested the buffalo

The little frog felt very happy with the sudden change in the behavior of the big buffalo.

I need to got to the pond near that banyan tree but I do not know how to climb on to your back – said the little frog

Do not worry I shall sit down so that with one leap you can jump on to my back – suggested the big buffalo

The frog did as suggested but the smooth skin of the buffalo made its efforts futile. Both the big buffalo and the little frog were disappointed but continued their efforts. At one point the frog could jump on to the back of the buffalo but as the big buffalo started standing up it had slipped down. As their struggle continued they saw Dr.Dove coming towards them.

What’s the matter why are you here asked Dr.Dove by alighting on the branch of a neem tree near them.

I made a promise to carry this small frog on my back to the pond near that banyan tree but it has become difficult for this small frog to reach my back.

You want to carry the frog on your back. Isn’t it? Asked Dr.Dove.

Yes told the buffalo

Then I have suggestion to you. You both come along with me lead Dr.Dove towards the pond. All three reached the pond.

Dear small frog you first jump into the water – said Dr.Dove

The small frog jumped into the water and looked up by turning back towards the buffalo and Dr.Dove.

Now dear Buffalo you walk into the water and sit down in such a way that your back is just touching the surface of the water level in the pond – said Dr.Dove.

The big buffalo did as suggested.

The little frog understood what is to be done. Immediately it jumped onto the back of the buffalo with ease and settled down there.

Soon the buffalo too understood and came slowly out of the water with the little frog on its back. The little frog and the big buffalo were happy and thanked Dr.Dove.

Now tell me where shall I take you - asked the big buffalo

Not to the pond again but back to my home in the woods in the north pointed the little frog.

Seeing their happiness Dr.Dove flew away.

©2007 IVNS Raju


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