The Little Bird Who was Afraid to Fly

Sindy Leah Cashman

Once upon a time there was a little bird named Birdie and she was afraid to fly. She would hide all day and all night in the bushes, mostly because there were these big bully crows that would land on the ground in front of Birdie they would scare her and tease her by squawking “you can’t flyyyy your afraid to flyyyy” and the little bird would be soooo scared she would hide in the dark underbrush of these bushes.

One wonderful sunny day a very funny little squirrel named Quirk scurried by and saw the little bird and he asked her “what’s your name and why are you hiding in these bushes”. The little bird replied “My name is Birdie and I am hiding because I’m afraid to fly and those big bully crows tease me” so the squirrel said “would you like to go sit in the tree” the little bird said “yes very much!” so the squirrel sat down and said “hop on my back and I will take you up the tree.”

So he did, and everyday since then the squirrel would come by the bushes and the little bird would hop on his back and he would take her up the tree and Birdie would sit on the branch all day long. Quirk would spend the day scurrying and playing around the branches and up and down all the trees in the forest. Birdie would just watch wishing she could play too. Then when it began to get dark the squirrel would bring the little bird back down the tree and would leave her in the dark shelter of the bushes so she could go to bed.

On this particular day the little bird said “Quirk would you stay here on this branch with me so we can laugh and play and be friends forever.” The squirrel happily said “yes, I would like that!” so that is exactly what they did they laughed and played, they had been having so much fun. Then the crows noticed the little bird was in the tree and they swooped down and started teasing the little bird squawking, “you can’t flyyyy your afraid to flyyyy you can’t flyyyyy”.

Well the little bird was so upset that she started flapping her wings and frantically saying “I can too fly, I’m not afraid to fly, I can fly if I wanted to fly, I can Fly If I want too!!!” Quirk couldn’t believe his eyes he was stunned looking at the little bird he exclaimed “Birdie you’re flying, you’re flying!”…the little bird had flapped her wings so hard that she had begun to fly “I’m flying?” she said “I am flying!” she was so happy she flew looped deedoos then up and down and in and out of all the branches. Then she saw it, the tallest tree in all the forest and she flapped her wings as hard as she could and flew all the way to the tippy top of that tallest tree and she sat there so proud and so brave. Birdie wasn’t afraid of flying anymore and she was never bothered by those big bully crows ever again.

Everyday the squirrel would scurry up the tallest tree in all the forest to meet the little bird and they would laugh and play throughout the whole forest, in and out of all the branches, and up and down all the trees having so much fun, Quirk and Birdie remained best friends forever.

The End

Good Night Little Ones

©2007 Sindy Cashman


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