The Great Camping Adventure

Carleigh Hough

Story by Carleigh

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Carleigh and a boy named Archie. They went on a camping holiday with their Mammy and Daddy and set up their tent in a big forest.
After setting up the tent they went on an adventure through the forest with their Mammy and Daddy trying to find fairy houses. They saw a fairy house deep in the woods and both ran to look. When they looked back they could not see their Mammy or Daddy.
It was getting dark and they were still lost and starting to get tired, so they sat down at a tree and fell asleep. Suddenly they woke up and there was a fairy flying in front of their faces. The fairy said hello i am the tooth fairy, i am off to collect all the teeth from the boys and girls, would you like to help me? They both said yes and the tooth fairy sprinkled some fairy dust on them and Carleigh and Archie both turned into fairies.
They flew all over the world with the tooth fairy collecting teeth from underneath all the kids pillows. Next they were woken by their Mammy and Daddy calling out for them. They had been looking for them all night. Everyone was happy that they were together again and Carleigh and Archie talked all day of the great dream they had helping the tooth fairy.
That night when they were getting into their pyjamas to go to bed, Carleigh felt something in her jacket pocket. She checked her pocket and it was full of kids baby teeth. Archie then checked his pocket and his too was full of teeth, it wasnt a dream, they really did fly all around the world helping the tooth fairy.
They went on to have a brilliant camping holiday and lived happily ever after.


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