Bernie the Early Bloomer

Bernie the Early Bloomer Bernard Willard Bloomenthall is a very serious boy. He studies hard at school, does his homework, and loves baseball. Everyone just calls Bernard ‘Bernie.’ He has two best friends, Logan and Andy. They always meet at Bernie’s house after they finish their homework. Today is no different. First Logan rings theDisplay

Patty Potential

Patty Potential Once there was a young girl, named Patty. She had lots of fun and made many friends. During the summer before her third grade, Patty decided to try a new sport. Swim team was nearly over and Patty was the fastest swimmer in her age group. She had always been the best. TheDisplay

The Magical Ball

THE MAGICAL BALL “Strike three, your out”, Billy shouted. “Man, you couldn’t hit your way out of a paper bag.” Mike dropped the bat. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t hit the ball. It just wasn’t fair. All his life he had loved the game of baseball, more than anyone had. ButDisplay

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