Jenny's Surprise

Deb Hockenberry

This is Jenny.  Jenny lives in a pretty red house.

This is Jenny's baby sitter, Carol.  Jenny likes Carol.

One sunny day Carol had a surprise for Jenny.

"What is the surprise, Carol?" asked Jenny.  Guess," answered Carol.

"Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what it is," Jenny thought.  "What is it?" Jenny asked.  "I'll give you a hint," said Carol.  "We're going to the park today!"

Jenny skipped along side of Carol toward the park.  Carol carried a brown basket.  "What is in the basket?"  Jenny asked.  "You'll see," answered Carol.

When they got to the park, she took bread out of the basket.  It was bread to feed the ducks swimming in the pond!  "Good morning ducks!"  Jenny said. She threw the bread into the pond for the ducks to eat.  "Quack, quack," answered the ducks.  They started swimming toward Jenny!  There were black ducks, brown ducks and ducks with green rings on their necks.  They ate all of the bread that Jenny threw into the water.

Jenny played on the red swing set and slid down the silver sliding board. Then she played on the jungle gym.

"Jenny," Carol called. "Come here!"

Jenny ran as fast as she could to Carol.

"I'm here Carol," Jenny said.  "What else is in the basket?"  "You'll see," was the answer.  Carol started to take things out of the brown basket.  First came sandwiches that had lettuce and yummy tomatoes on a piece of meat.  Then Carol pulled out carrots and celery.  Next, Carol brought apples out.  Last out came good, cold milk.

"Yippee," shouted Jenny clapping her hands.  "We 're going to have a picnic! What a good surprise!"

After the picnic it was time to go home.  "Good bye ducks," Jenny said.  "I'll be back!"  "Quack, quack," said the ducks.

"We'll be waiting for you, Jenny!"



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