Beansie Does It Again

Debbie Bailey

Beansie knew he'd gone and done it again. He had been playing in the yard with his little sister Mopsie. The two puppy dogs were very frisky. They were running around and chasing butterflies together. The bright summer sun beat down on them and once in awhile, they would rest under the shade of the big, old tree or take a sip of cool, clear water. Mrs. Johnson had put a big bowl of water for them in the yard so they could take a sip when they got thirsty.

Mrs. J. was lounging on her favorite lawn chair, a book in her hand and a tall, cool drink on the table next to her.

"Betcha I can run faster than you," Beansie teased his sister. They were both brown and tan with white tips on their tails.

"I can beat you, Beansie!" Mopsie told him. "Girls can do anything better than boys can."

They began to run around the yard together. They were yapping wildly and having a wonderful time. And then it happened.

Beansie lost his footing and crashed into Mrs. J.'s vegetable garden.

He toppled over her tomatoes.

He pounded on her potatoes.

He let loose on her lettuce.

He ransacked her radishes.

He discombobulated her cucumbers.

He got up and shook himself off. He looked at Mrs. J. She was slowly getting out of her chair. She looked like she was about to cry. Beansie knew how much she loved her garden. She spent hours in there everyday. Her vegetables and flowers were her pride and joy. She loved them so much, almost as much as she loved Beansie and Mopsie.

He hung his head down in shame. He knew that he had just broke Mrs. J.'s heart. He felt terrible. He had now ruined her garden and he knew that she was going to cry.

"Now you've gone and done it," Mopsie whispered to him.

Beansie felt like crying. He didn't want to break Mrs. J's heart. She was so good to them, always baking them doggie biscuits and scratching them behind the ears. He really loved her a lot.

Mrs. J. walked over to him and Beansie knew he was in for it. But then the funniest thing happened. She bent down and hugged him hard.

"It's okay, Beansie honey," she told him. "I know you're a puppy and you like to play a lot. I'm not mad at you. How could I be mad at this adorable face?"

She gave him kisses all over his nose and he licked her back. She began to laugh and pretty soon, Mopsie came over to join in the family hug.

"Just wait until Mr. Johnson comes home," Mrs. J said. "He won't be happy!"

Beansie loved Mr. J. a lot too. Mr. J. was his favorite person in the whole world, even more so than Mrs. J.

"Don't worry," Mrs. J. told him. "I'll just tell him that I did it." And she kissed him again.

©2002 Debbie Bailey


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